Saturday, January 10, 2009

Carolina Fans Are The Worst

They might be, but who really cares. I am watching the Carolina - Arizona game, and Jake Delhomme is playing horrific football. 3 turnovers already in the 1st half. And guess what the Carolina fans are booing their QB and their team. Oh my god, fans outside of Philadelphia being negative and booing, it just can't be.

Shouldn't the Carolina fans just be thankful that their team won the division and are in the playoffs?!? How ungrateful those Carolina fans are. Such behavior only exists in the city of brotherly love, right?

To the national media that continues to pick on the Philadelphia fan base...shut it. When things aren't going well fans are going to voice their disapproval and disappointment in their team and QB. It happens all over the country, not just in Philadelphia.

Thank you Carolina. You proved Philly's point perfectly. Oh if the Panthers manage to pull this game out in the 2nd half, the Carolina fans must be front runners if they all of a sudden start cheering.

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