Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Control The Hate

The popular thing to do this week is to bash the Eagles. All of a sudden the season was a waste and a colossal disappointment. We are back to trading the QB and firing the coach.

But as we continue to rant about how the Eagles need more offensive weapons, how the coach can't game plan, or how the QB can't deliver, don't go overlooking the fact that the Eagles just scored a franchise record 416 points this season.

You don't score 416 points without some decent weapons already in place. So ease up on the hate, take a deep breath, and realize that the Eagles again aren't that far away from maintaining and improving on this season's success.

And if they don't, well the Phillies seem to be doing everything possible to defend their title!


Anonymous said...

The eagles might've scored all those points but where was the scoring during some moments during the regular season? (Bengals, Bears, the 2nd Redskins game) Granted the Bears game had not B-west and Mcnabb had that supposed chest contusion but still we need to get a play maker on offense. 36 is the man but he can't do it all we need another go to guy. Desean is unreliable now but he'll mature and become more of a threat, Kevin Curtis is a good pass catcher and route runner but he's no number 1 "throw to on fourth and 3 guy". I personally love Celek and love how he plays but like desean he'll take some time to break in. Im feelin Kyle Eckel, to bad fatso doesnt ever activate him in favor of Klecks. So here's my thought for the off season. Trade Lito Sheppard and his Pissy attitude and ONE of the first round picks for Calvin Johnson. Everyone wins! Birds get a playmaker and get rid of a whiner and the Lions get another first rounder and a starter for that defense that needs to be retooled

colonel said...

Right! Just like the Eagles improved this year on their success from last year and the year before that and.....Oh, that's right, we haven't been to a SuperBowl since 2005!

The Eagles may have some impressive numbers and even an overall winning record, but unless you are happy with stats and not a championship trophy, that's not good enough. Sports is ultimately about winning and being number 1. Only in the Olympics are medals awarded for 2nd and 3rd place!