Friday, January 9, 2009

The Cover Boy

The SI cover was nice. But can the kid back-up the hype this weekend? If we want that Eagles' W, we better hope so.

Jackson was a stud last week on special teams. He even had a key grab for 34 yards to keep the chains moving. But the Eagles will need more this week. And they will most definitely need more than the 0 receiving yards and -9 rushing yards DeSean put up against the G-Men in Week 14.

The way I see it is that DeSean is going to see a lot of man-to-man coverage on Sunday. We have been stated to death this week with the fact that McNabb has yet to be sacked by the Giants this season.

The Giants have to pressure McNabb to have a chance to win. To get that pressure I expect Spags to go to his creative zone blitz packages (JJ style). This leaves the Giants with a choice, do you double team B-West or DeSean? Since it's always "22 eyes on #36" DeSean should see some single coverage. Coverage he should be able to beat.

By this time DeSean is no longer a rookie. Now it's time to make yourself a legend to the Philly faithful. All I am asking for is one big, long play...for 6 points! B-West and the D can take it from there.

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