Saturday, January 10, 2009

D Wins Championships

It's what they always say. It's why everyone is drooling over the Ravens and Steelers this weekend.

And if the old adage again holds true this playoff season I love the Eagles' chances. It's the Eagles' defense that also gives this fan confidence in tomorrow's match-up.

McNabb, Westbrook, and Reid are usually grabbing the headlines. But I still do not have 100 percent trust in the offense. No matter what they keep showing me, I know at any minute the Redskins' game offense can return. B-West has averaged only 3.0 ypc since Week 14. Donovan can at any second start sailing them high or burying them in the ground. And Reid and Marty can instantly become fascinated with the pass.

So it's the D that gives me hope. The unit is ranked #3 overall in the NFL and #1 in the NFC. Sounds dominant to me. You see the dominance in the below stats...

  • Adrian Peterson is the NFL Rushing Champion and better than Brandon Jacobs. The Eagles held Peterson to only 83 rushing yards last weekend.
  • In the past six games the Defense has 13 takeaways. That's over 2 a that tomorrow and the W is a sure thing.

So Donovan and company, don't turn the ball over and give the D 10-14 points. The D will take it home from there.

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