Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disappointment Equals Negativity

Enough national media. Please stop bashing the Eagles' fan base for occasionally booing or criticizing Donovan McNabb.

Last I checked the Eagles are still without a title since 1960. Last I checked the goal remains to win the Lombardi, not simply make playoff or NFC Championship game appearances. When you fall short of your goals there is going to be some negativity mixed in with the cheers. This is true in every city where sports are played. It is true of everyday life. It is reality people.

Donovan is still greeted by standing ovations each time his name is announced at the Linc. His many accomplishments are praised throughout the city by the fans and the local media. We fans realize that he is the best QB in franchise history. We fans realize that this off-season that there is no better option in free agency, via trade, on the current Eagles' roster, or in the draft then McNabb.

But when the team continues to fall short of bringing a title to this football crazed city there is going to be some anger, some negativity directed at the team and it's star QB. It's deserved because every season since 1960 has ended in disappointment.

It's not until the phrase World F-ing Super Bowl Champions is reality that this QB and this team can claim that the criticism is not deserved. Until then the QB, the team, and the national media should realize how grateful every Eagles' player is to be playing in a city with such die hard and loyal fans.

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