Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Forget About These Players

As all the Eagles talk shifts toward off-season acquisitions and the draft in hopes of improving the squad, don't go overlooking 2008 draft picks Bryan Smith and Jack Ikegwuonu.

The value of Smith could be stepping in for Jaqua Parker. Parker again was an early season stud, but unfortunately like the '07-08 season, Parker disappeared in the 2nd half of the season. In the Eagles' final 13 games, Parker had .5 sacks. Yikes! In his final 13 games of the '07-'08 season, Parker had 2 sacks in the seasons' final 13 games. Yikes!

Smith was drafted to be a pass rush specialist. Though undersized for a DE, the Eagles are counting on his speed to create havoc off the edge. Abiamiri can play the end on rushing downs and then Smith and Clemons can bring the heat on 3rd down.

The drafting of Ikegwuonu raised a lot of eyebrows last year. The kid had a torn ACL and his 2008 season would be lost. But maybe credit the Eagles for thinking ahead with this former All American.

This off-season Sheppard will likely be shown the exit. Hanson is an UFA and with his recent strong play should be able to secure himself a nice contract and starting role elsewhere. CB, a position of strength and depth in 2008, suddenly becomes week. Ikegwuono could find himself 3rd on the CB depth chart before ever playing a down.

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Anonymous said...

BSmith is just a 3d down guy. His size is the limiting factor. As it is for AJordan, who disappeared in playoffs. JackI is any another William James project who wont go beyond a dime body. Eagles will be looking to push Sheldon and the guy who can do it is - Alphonso Smith.