Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Sleep On These Guys

Westbrook, McNabb, Dawkins, and Samuel are of course going to grab the headlines. Hell even Reid's beard is becoming a hot topic amongst Eagles' fans.

But don't forget about Avant and Celek. Without their contributions the Eagles would most likely be fighting the Cowboys' for this weeks' best golf tee times.

The best thing about Celek's performance is that he might finally give L.J. a permanent spot on the bench. There is no need to disrupt this Offense by butting L.J. back into the line-up when healthy. Celek is consistent in all areas. With Celek you don't expect the worst. You expect the job to get done. And it does with 6 catches for 56 yards.

With Avant you know his catch is going to move the chains. If I recall correctly, 4 of Avants' 5 receptions yesterday went for 1st downs. His hands are sure and there is no fear going across the middle.

You win as a team. The Eagles won yesterday because they have team-first guys like Celek and Avant who were consistently clutch.

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