Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eagles 2009 - Keeping A Level Head

Resolutions are a waste. They are usually long gone when February hits. But this fan is going to try.

Sunday's playoff game wasn't supposed to happen. The Eagles had their shot against the 'Skins and blew it. But in the end they really didn't blow it (anyone else vote Michael Bush as their Fed Ex ground Player of the week).

So if the Eagles find a way to not win this weekend (they are going to win) I will not immediately bash the team, the coach, or the QB. I will be grateful for the meaningful games played in December and the unexpected playoff game in 2009. I will focus on the positives of the 2008 season.

After maybe a week, well Reid and the gang are fair game! Happy New Year!

Thinking Thoughts

I was reading the Phillies' Champions book and it's amazing how quick I was to forget all that went wrong before it all went right for the Phillies. The Lidge knee injury, the injury to Rollins, the benching of Rollins, the demotion of Myers....

Such events got me thinking if the same greatness awaits the Eagles cause there has been plenty that has gone wrong with this team too...Curtis injury, B-West injury, McNabb benching, OT rules, short yardage, 'Skins game...

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