Friday, January 23, 2009

Eagles' Off-Season Wish List

Last Sunday's loss is still a painful topic with this fan, but I guess it's time to move on.

In previous seasons when the Eagles have come up short they have shown some willingness to correct their wrongs. After the Tampa Bay loss they realized the need to get younger, depending less on aging veterans at key positions. After the Carolina loss they realized that they really did have garbage at the WR position. Insert T.O., hello Super Bowl.

What do the Eagles need to do following yet another NFC Championship Game loss? I am thinking...

  • Offensive Line (specifically OT): Runyan and Thomas are too old to be the answer. Unfortunately because of poor drafting at least one of these old guys is coming back next season. Can Andrews or Herremans move to the outside, with Cole or Maxie stepping in as a starter at Guard?
  • Running Back: The NFL way is a two back system. Unfortunately for the Eagles they have difficulty even using one back. To get the most out of the aging Westbrook, the Eagles did a young back to compliment him and also groom for the future.
  • Tight End: L.J. Smith should now finally be gone. Celek showed promise as a receiving TE during the playoffs. Even if Celek is the starter, the Eagles did to bring in a TE whose strength is blocking.
  • Full Back: I love Klecko's heart, but to maximize the running game we need a FB who is a true FB. Someone who is a natural lead blocker for the run game and can also run and catch if called upon.
  • Safety: Mikell is a stud and I would be shocked if Dawkins isn't given a new deal. I am still not yet sold on Demps as the future. Bring in some competition to push Demps.


Anonymous said...

Are you an Eagles employee?

Enough with the offensive line. You have Justice and Jean-Gillis. Stop with drafting lineman.

Go sign Julius Peppers. Or Houshmanzedeh. One or the other or both.

Then get your silly lineman in round 3 or 4. Use rounds 1 and 2 for an RB and a TE.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this post. James, Winston Justice STINKS! He always gets destroyed by the opposing team and just isn't worth a roster spot.

Runyan and Herremans will be huge losses if they aren't signed. How reliable is Andrews with his health?

I WOULD like to see Peppers and Housh in Eagles green though :)

Anonymous said...

Peppers wont play for Eagle. He will either stay in CAR or go to Bears. Eagles need to address CB position, Sheldon is a good tackler but he is mediocre in coverage. TJH is close to sign new contract with Bengals. Best Eagle can do is to use two 1st rouders and get Crabtree.

Anonymous said...

My wish list is simple. No more Reid...and hold on to McNabb but no more money for this guy..he has not won a thing. Want to see the entire perspective, and have a couple of laughs. Then log on to

Anonymous said...

hold on to McNabb but no more money for this guy..he has not won a thing.

Except 73 games. And 9 of those were playoff wins.

That's more playoff wins than any other currently active QB aside from Favre and Brady.

I'm first to admit that McNabb has some glaring accuracy issues when it comes Big Game time. Maybe he needs to take yoga or some such thing.

But he's a big play maker, and he's the foreseeable future of the team. After McNabb is gone we'll wish he was back.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I reallt want in the off season is for Andy Reid to get out of town. How can Banner justify keeping a Coach who passes too much to mediocre wide receivers. How much evidence do we need that this guy can't manage a game.