Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enough Already!

I've had enough.

Sunday, 1pm needs to get here...NOW!! It's time for the players to decide this thing. Enough of reading the Internet and newspaper columns. Enough of being stated to death with why this team is supposedly better than the other.

No more match-up analysis on why Eli or Donovan is better. No more reliving the Week 10 and Week 14 match-ups. No more making meaningless predictions. The so-called experts are really only guessing in the end.

The weekend is finally here. Unfortunately we have to wait yet another day before the Iggles take the field. At least we aren't the late game tomorrow. This fan is too psyched to have to wait yet one more day. I need to know if the playoff beard is going to last one more week.

25 hours to kick-off. I can't wait! (I also can't get enough of this video)

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