Friday, January 9, 2009

Even At The Eagles' Worst

Most of the talk this week has been about how the Eagles beat the Giants in week 14. Already winning in NJ should give the Eagles plenty of confidence as they head back to the Swamp this weekend.

But there is something else that should give them confidence...their week 10 match-up with the G-Men, in which they lost. The Eagles played as bad as they possibly could on defense and still had a chance to win the game with 1:55 left in the 4th.

The game came down to 4th and 1 despite the D giving up 219 yards on the ground and the Eagles losing the time of possession battle almost 2:1. The defense flat out sucked, yet the Eagles still had a reasonable shot to win the game in the end.

Such a game gives this fan a lot of confidence come Sunday. I keep hearing about how healthy Jacobs is. I hear about how rested the entire Giants team is coming off of their bye week. Who cares. The Eagles already took the Giants' absolute best shot and still were in the game.

And there is no way that this current Eagles D puts up another pathetic showing on Sunday. I keep saying, if the Eagles offense can manage 14-17 points I have full faith in the D to bring home the W.


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