Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyone Loves a Winner

Maybe Jimmy Rollins was on to something. Nah, we are just a smart bunch of fans. When you are wrong, we WILL let you know you are wrong. When you suck, we WILL let you know you suck. When you do good, we WILL shower you with love to no end.

And their is no better example of a love/hate relation that what exists between Eagles' fans and Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb.

Six weeks back McNabb was washed up. People were anxious to let the Kolb experiment begin. Six weeks back Reid was an idiot, washed-up, and needed to be fired on the spot. The 2009 season needed a new coach and new QB...case closed.

Fast forward to now. The Eagles are hot. Maybe a Super Bowl is in their future. And most everyone is back to loving the coach (or at least the man's beard) and QB. The franchise would be doomed without McNabb. Banner needs to open up his pocketbook and reward McNabb with a new contract. Reid is back to being a genius, a playoff whiz, and today's papers even claim him to be a master motivator.

The ups and downs of being a fan. So reminiscent of what happened with our Phillies. Now Charlie is a god and everyone is sad to see Pat-the-Bat leave town. Hey, give this fan a Super Bowl title and the Reid / McNabb era can last forever.

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