Monday, January 19, 2009

Fool me once….Fool me twice…..

By Colonel: How does that saying go…”fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me ten times, I’m an Eagles fan”! Well, I added the last part.

Anyway, like just about everyone else, including maybe even one afternoon sports-talker, Joe Banner and Jeffrey Laurie, before Thanksgiving I was ready to personally drive Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb out of town. I would have even helped them with their packing, and delivered them and their bags right to the door of their new homes. Then, magically, Thanksgiving and the wipe out of the Cardinals (oh boy), and the subsequent winning streak, and I was on my computer on MapQuest, mapping out the route to take them both to the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. (Does Route 80 go straight through to Canton?)

Well, of course, I was fooled again. Now I’m back checking the oil and the tires on my car in preparation for that drive out of town again. When am I going to learn? When are all of the Eagles fans going to learn?

Just like before Thanksgiving, it is time for a change. It is time for a real change. Unfortunately, now, as a result of the somewhat magical success of the Eagles between Thanksgiving and the day before yesterday, it’s probably going to be harder to convince the powers that be (Banner and Laurie) to make that change. We’re going to hear and they are going to hear, and maybe even say, that we are soooo close that we only need a few tweaks. Stop it! We’ve been hearing that since 2005!

Change is needed starting right at the top. Andy Reid is a good coach. There is no question about it. He has compiled a winning record in Philly. He has taken the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship Games and 1 SuperBowl. Unfortunately, he has also lost 4 of those NFC Championship Games and the 1 SuperBowl, but it is still a good record. The same can of course be said about his partner, Donovan McNabb. He is a good QuarterBack. But, I think they have both taken the Eagles as far as they can take the team at this point.

No matter what Andy may say, or Banner or Laurie may say, there is not going to be any real change under Andy and Donovan. Oh, yes, Andy has changed his game plan a little and is running a little more, and Donovan still has some explosive moments when he pulls an amazing play or even part of a game out of his helmet. Underneath it all, however, Andy is still Andy with his questionable play calling, time management and personnel choices. We are already questioning his choice for our next QuarterBack. Donovan, too, is, and has always been, inconsistent. You are never sure on any given Sunday, which McNabb is going to show up and for how long.

It is time for a change. No matter how painful, it is time to start rebuilding this team for the future. That change, that rebuilding, cannot be done with the current leadership, because the current leadership still has the old plans and ideas that haven’t gotten the team to a SuperBowl Championship.


Anonymous said...

Here we go with the emo rebuild phase again.

Give it a rest already.

It's not like Mcnabb and Reid have many more years left in the NFL anyway, let them run their course. 1 game away from the Superbowl again, there's cities that would kill to even make it that far

There will be a time for the total overhaul, it will be a very sickening time... this isn't it. Especially when you still have a playoff caliber team together, in the playoffs well anything can happen.

This loss fucking sucked, I couldn't even watch the 2nd game yesterday and haven't been able to watch espn. Add on the fact there's still Mcnabb bashing going on after the guy pretty much played like a god the second half to give us the lead, I'm really pissed. The defense flopped, not Mcnabb.

Like I said, they've *earned* the right to run their course. The fans and media honestly need to shut the hell up because I think the lot or too dumb to know what exactly it is they are pushing for.

Anonymous said...

I say McNabb and Reid should GO.

Anonymous said...

yall are dumbasses who think mcnabb should go and you want kobb to step in he wont do anything for this team he is a bust i can guarantee it.. look at what he did when he did come in for games i think his very first pass in the regular season as an eagle was an interception he is fuckin weak.. all mcnabb needs is a big playmaker at the wide reciever and a runnin back who can carry the ball more than a yard at a time.. we rely on mcnabbs arm too much with the weak ground game we have so shut the hell up and stop bashin mcnabb when its not his fault.., havin a playmakin reciever will open up for the ground game