Monday, January 12, 2009

The Game Savers

We will remember the final score, 23 - 11. We will remember the McNabb QB sneak for a TD and the back of the end zone TD catch by Celek. It was too funny not to remember the McNabb phone call. The two 4th down stops brought make memories of Dallas and Emmitt Smith.

But possibly even more important than all of these plays were the plays or points that weren't made...points that weren't scored by the Giants.

The opening kick-off is taken by Bradshaw to the Eagles 35 yard line. Without David Akers pushing Bradshaw out of bounds the game could of been 7-0 less than a minute into the game.

It's the Eagles first drive of the second half and the Eagles are leading 10-8. McNabb drops back and the pass is deflected and then intercepted by Fred Robbins. The big man looks to be on his way to 6 points. But a Curtis trip up prevents the TD and the Giants from running away with momentum.

As they always say, sometimes the box score doesn't capture it all.

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