Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Season? Not Yet

Don't get me wrong, I am psyched for this weekend's game. I have loved every minute of meaningful football this December and January. With the recent turnaround, Reid and McNabb deserve to gloat a bit.

But to this point can we really say it has been a great season that has exceeded our expectations?

Unless you have lowered your expectations, the answer should be no. Going into the season the hype around the Eagles was again Super Bowl or bust. Some idiots even said it was "Pedal to the Metal" this season. So 9 wins, an Oakland miracle, and a wild card win over an inferior opponent is still underachieving in my book.

So what makes this a great season? Simple, beat the G-Men on Saturday. You beat the Champs on their field and advance to the NFC Championship game you have my vote on a successful season and continuation of the Reid and McNabb era.

If they loss on Sunday what's there really to be satisfied with this season? Didn't the Phillies teach us to expect more from our teams?

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Anonymous said...

To date, I think this season has been what should have been expected of this team. The way they got here was unconventional and that has generated the bulk of the buzz. But when the season began, many people anticipated a march deep into the playoffs. In my mind, anything short of a Super Bowl victory will not be deemed a great season. However, I do think the recent string of success should put the Donovan McNabb question to bed. It never should have been a question to begin with so hopefully the recent success should quiet that bandwagon. The jury is still out on Reid however.