Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Guy With 22 Eyes

#5 is grabbing the headlines with his whining. Big Red is fascinating us with his scruff. Brian Westbrook, well he is keeping quiet. Well until Sunday...I hope.

It's not new news. If the Eagles are leaving NJ with a win it will be because B-West played like B-West. If he doesn't we can pretty much kiss that trip to Carolina good bye (yes I am giving Arizona zero chance to win this weekend).

The stats make my argument even more obvious. Since 2003 the Eagles have beaten the Giants 5 times. In those 5 games Westbrook has averaged a bit over 156 total yards per game. This is why Spags always says "we need 22 eyes on #36, every play."

With B-West in the line-up the Eagles have lost 4 games since 2003. In those 4 losses #36 has averaged 115 total yards per game. Not bad numbers. But when you are playing a Giant (pun intended) you need every one of those extra 40+ yards.

These stats showed their absolute truth this season. On November 9, Westbrook was limited to 59 total yards. Of course the Eagles lost. On December 7, Westbrook punked Pierce and company to the tune of 203 total yards. Of course the Eagles won.

Sure the D and Donovan are playing great. But the difference again will be the guy with "22 eyes" of attention focused on him.

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