Monday, January 5, 2009

I Got A Job For Lito

The season ain't over yet. Lito has a chance to be a star, despite still being 4th on the CB depth chart.

Yesterday Lito got a chance to step up and he delivered. I knew Greg Lewis was injured during warm-ups. What I didn't know was how the injury occurred. Today we find out the foot strain was caused by Lewis stepping on Lito's foot. Job Well Done Lito!

You next task or victim...L.J. Smith (not that it takes much to injure L.J.) Keep Smith away from the field during this playoff run. The offense has been in a nice rhythm with Celek serving as the starting TE.

Come on Lito. Maybe the Eagles can still get value for you yet.

And most importantly, the latest Reid Beard update (courtesy of

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