Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jabba the Scruff

Before moving onto the Giants...yes the Eagles won, but is anyone else confused over why in the 3rd quarter the forward progress of McNabb was said to be stopped by the refs, which resulted in an 8 yard sack!

The result could have meant a loss for the Eagles. The Eagles were clinging to a 2 point lead, 16-14. It was 3rd down and the Eagles had the ball at the 35 yard line of the Vikings. The incomplete pass (and not a sack) on 3rd down would have meant a 53 yard FG on 4th down. Akers showed that he was more than capable of nailing a 53 yarder on Sunday. The Eagles lead would of then been 5 points.

But instead the sack was awarded and the ball was moved back to the Vikings' 43 yard line. This put the Eagles out of FG range and caused a 4th down punt. The lead remained 2 points.

In the end the call didn't matter because of the B-West screen. But it still irks me that the refs can so easily screw a team out of points in the playoffs.

Also, congrats to Greg for naming Reid's beard "Jabba the Scruff "

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