Saturday, January 3, 2009

Keeping Things The Same...

Who would of thought we would be watching the Playoffs and the Eagles today?!? But we are...oh happy day!

As fans we think some pretty crazy things. Like us watching the game at a certain place or wearing a certain jersey is going to affect the outcome of the Eagles' game. I am sure Andy and Donovan are feeling more confident today because I will be wearing the same clothes and watching the game at the same bar as last week. My green kool-aid must be spiked.

But this fan is a superstitious one, so it's back to the Rollins' jersey and back to the bar with pops. I will be ordering the same wings / burgers and drinking the same beers. The only difference is the Andy Reid beard I am now carrying. Last weekend was a thing a beauty, so why even take the chance?!?

The actual game, well I see (ok, guess) two things.

I see the Eagles' D forcing at least 2 turnovers (the Vikings offense finished the season with the fourth most giveaways (31) in the league). I see one of those turnovers going for 6 points. I also see DeSean taking it to the house for another 6 points on a punt return. And with this Eagles D 14 points is more than enough to secure a win.

NY here we come.

Eagles 20 Vikings 9
(it's odd but yesterday's 2 wins by the home teams makes be feel better about the Eagles winning on the raod today)


Anonymous said...

That is quite possibly the prettiest most special dog ever. You should make her your official bleed eagles green mascot. I hear she's very enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Joann- you are very, very smart.