Friday, January 2, 2009

McNabb Is Not Favre, Thankfully

It's hot or cold with McNabb. As a fan you either you love the guy or you had enough of the guy. But regardless of the fans' opinion you have to be thankful that that #5 doesn't get Favre-like respect from his teammates.

Over the past few days we have heard the Jets' players voicing their opinion on how Favre should have been benched or how he needs to interact more with teammates. It seems like Favre has done more harm than good in NY this year.

Sure at times I wish Donovan would stop the whining or stop hitting the turf with his passes, but in the end this fan is thankful that McNabb is leading this team.

McNabb is a class-act and respected greatly by his teammates (Hell, even the McNabb benching was taken as an act to rally his teammates). It's the respect of your teammates that builds the team chemistry that leads to Ws. And right now we need 4 more of those Ws.

I'll take #5 over #4 any time.


Anonymous said...

McNabb is def a class act. Glad he's ours.

Anonymous said...

Farve is a primadona he deserves to play with TO for Lions