Sunday, January 11, 2009

New York - A Land of Make Believe

Gary Myers say hello to Steve Serby. Serby is responsible for the following NY Post headline, Philly Has Snowball's Chance in Hell.

Egg in your face doesn't even begin to describe this. The city that is home to a football team whose 2008 season will best be remembered for a WR shooting themselves in the foot sure are a cocky bunch. Has the idiocy of Carlos Beltran taught you guys nothing up there?!?

One of the best parts of today is the way the Eagles responded to adversity. The Giants return the opening kick-off to the Eagles' 35. No problem, the D holds the Giants to 3 points.

The Giants D is finally able to get to McNabb and force a safety. No problem, the D holds the Giants to 0 points on the next possession.

The Giants D eliminates any momentum from the Demps 2nd half opening 46 yard kick-off return by picking off McNabb. The Giants Offense starts the drive at the Eagles 33. No problem, the Eagles D holds the Giants to 3 points.

So many times the game could of been lost. So many times the Eagles stepped up and played like a champion.

In Philadelphia we are about reality and winning big games this season. NY, well they live in a land of make believe. This includes you too Mr. Lupica, I saw your comments on ESPN this morning.

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glenn warciski said...

Eagles played well. They made plays and scored touchdowns. McNabb outplayed Eli. Eli could not get things done. We stopped Westbrook. I thought a gutty performance by the Eagles. Generally speaking, some sports writers are fickle. I am interested in reading what Serby and Myers have to say on Monday. I like your chances against Arizona. However, strange things happen in the desert. Ask the Patriots.

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