Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The NFC East - No Problem

The Reid and McNabb bashers (oh where have you gone?!?) used to credit the Eagles run to 4 consecutive NFC Championship Games to a weak NFC East. Earlier this decade the NFC East was at it's weakest, thus always giving the Eagles an easy road to the playoffs.

The teams were mediocre and the opposing coaches even worse. But once the Beast (Coughlin, Parcells, Gibbs) returned to the East the Eagles supposedly crumbled. Well not supposedly, they actually did. In 2005 the Eagles went 0-6 in their division. In 2007 they went 2-4. And even this season the Eagles managed only 2 regular season wins. (Garcia, not McNabb, was leading the 2006 success)

The fact that the Eagles are now beating up on their NFC East rivals on this miraculous run has seemed to silence all of the critics (for now at least). The Eagles have taken 2 straight from the G-Men (at their place) and we can never forget the 44-6 beat down of the Cowboys in Week 17.

So another criticism of Reid and McNabb is flushed away. Shall we make the inability to win it all the next to go?!?

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