Monday, January 5, 2009

Nick Cole Again Leading the Way

Maybe the coaching staff should have been praising Nick Cole and not Max Jean-Gilles during training camp.

Since his insertion into the starting line-up, Cole has delivered for the Eagles. He may not be on the level of Andrews, but he is above the level of Gilles. In the past two weeks, Cole has been the blocking catalyst for the Eagles' two biggest plays.

With the score tied 3-3 in the Cowboys game, Donovan followed the lead block of Cole on his QB sneak from the one on 3rd down. The result was a TD. The game was never close after that.

Fast forward to yesterday. The Eagles were nursing a 2 point 4th quarter lead. The play is a screen pass to Westbrook. No surprise, Cole delivered the two lead blocks that sprung B-West for 6 points. The game was over after that.

From a nobody, back-up center, to a possible OL mainstay? It could happen.

Cole will be a restricted free agent next year, so the Eagles get first dibs. Maybe make Cole a permanent starter at Guard and then move either Herremans or Andrews to Tackle if Runyan or Thomas depart?

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