Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Protection Is Advised

Always better to be safe, right?!?

If you are the Eagles it does (who needs any more little Reids running around). I am specifically talking about the protection of Donovan McNabb. And when it's against the Giants, the Eagles have done a pretty damn good job of it this season.

An interesting stat...in the 2 games against the Giants this season McNabb has been sacked ZERO times. Not a once. Hell, after allowing the G-Men to sack McNabb 15 times last season, it's the least the O-Line could do for #5.

If you protect McNabb good things will happen. And with B-West and the running game struggling of late, McNabb could hold the key to escaping New Jersey (again, what's with the NY on the helmet if you play in NJ) with a victory.

McNabb has a chip on his shoulder. He wants to win, wants to excel to prove all the doubters wrong. Well let's continue to give the man some time in the pocket and let him win the game for us. Give Lurie and Banner zero reason to not give him that extension.

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