Monday, January 12, 2009

Reid Got Benched in Washington

We keep hearing and will continue to hear about McNabb being benched in the Ravens' game (how ironic would it be to play the Ravens in the Super Bowl allowing the benching to come full circle).

People point to the benching as a big reason for McNabb's revival this season. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. But something happened that day. The Eagles are 5-1 since, McNabb is again being mentioned among the games' top QBs, and the Eagles are 1 win away from the Super Bowl.

I believe that the Redskins game (week 16) was Reids' McNabb-Ravens game. In that game Reid (and Marty) called an offensive game plan of 46 passes and only 16 rushes. The balanced offensive attack that was discovered in the prior 3 weeks was abandoned. Of course the result was a L for the Eagles.

But since then Reid has continued to stay with the run, even if it's working to the tune of about 2 ypc. Reid learned that balance is the key. You can still count on the pass to win the games, but keep the defenses honest, allow the middle of the field to be opened up for your receivers. Running only makes the passing game better.


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