Friday, January 23, 2009

Right Tackle - Is It The Year 2000 Again?

Think back. OK think way back. It's the year 2000 and the Eagles are in need of a Right Tackle to help anchor their OL. The Eagles make a BIG splash in free agency and sign John Runyan.

It's now 9 seasons later and the man has yet to miss a game. But will the streak continue with the Eagles for the '09-'10 season? It's one of the big questions surrounding this Eagles' off-season.

If the answer is no on Runyan, well why not follow the same blue print that brought Runyan to the Eagles in 2000. Make another big free agency splash by signing Jordan Gross of the Carolina Panthers. The man is an UFA and oh yea, a 2008 Pro Bowler too.

Do the Eagles have a shot at Gross? Well logic says since the Panthers slapped the franchise tag on Gross last year he should be available to the highest bidder this off-season. Will the Eagles spend the big bucks? Big Red has always valued the importance of a strong OL.

Gross may not be the pretty pick for the fans. He isn't T.J. or Peppers, but he might be the smartest move of the three. To run you need blocking. To pass you need protection. It all starts up front.

Gross and Andrews. The right side of the OL would be dominant. Even Reid would run the ball behind these two beasts!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that bringing in someone like Gross would truly sure up the offensive line because it's definitely going to have some gaps that need filling when Thomas, and maybe Runyan leave. Only bringing in a top-notch WR would make me even close to as happy as signing Gross.

Anonymous said...

Long time Eagles point is we have gone around in circles since 2000 because of Reid and McNabb. For a different perspective, and a couple of laughs log onto