Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shawn Andrews, Just One of Us

From this weeks; SI (could another SI Championship package be in Philadelphia's future so soon?)...

As the weeks passed and the Eagles recovered from their midseason struggles, Andrews began to envision a different parade. He changed the color theme from red to green. He replaced Charlie Manuel with Andy Reid and swapped in Donovan McNabb for Ryan Howard.

Sounds exactly what this fan is thinking. And be honest, how many others are already picturing another parade down Broad Street.

Yea, it might be premature and wrong, but this fan has already looked past Arizona. Baltimore or Pittsburgh may be tough, but in the end it's just the Eagles' destiny to win that silver trophy this season.

And why not go all in. Why be apprehensive about the match-ups. Enjoy the run, enjoy the team, enjoy the stars. We've already experienced the Tampa Bay and Carolina heart breaks in our house. How can a road loss on house money be any worse.

Dream big.

Start picturing how you are going to celebrate. Start putting money aside for all the Super Bowl Champion memorabilia and apparel you are going to buy. Start planning that day off for another parade down Broad Street (also hope that SEPTA has learned how to handle the celebration).

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