Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shut Up Strahan

And someone else feels the need to voice their opinion on Philly's love (or lack of) for McNabb. Silly me, I actually enjoyed Michael Strahan on the Fox pre-game show.

Courtesy of Strahan...
"Everybody in Philly – when he's [McNabb] gone, they're going to miss him," Strahan told the Daily News yesterday. "Even if they'd won the Super Bowl, I don't know if they'd be happy. It's like he can't do enough."

Enough people. Stop with the lies!

The city, the Eagles' fans do appreciate McNabb and everything he has meant to the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles' franchise. Sure there are going to be a few idiots who boo McNabb on draft day or as a group we might occasionally become annoyed by passes hitting the ground a bit too often.

BIG SHOCKER to the world...the overriding emotion for McNabb is that of love, respect, and appreciation from the Eagles' fans.

You don't believe me.

Let's rewind the clock back to the Steelers' game this season. It was a home game. At a point in the game McNabb left the field with an injury. McNabb remained in the locker room at the start of the second half. When the fans saw McNabb exit the tunnel early in the 3rd quarter the ENTIRE stadium got on their feet and applauded his return. That is 60,000+ screaming fans!

I wish people would stop writing and talking about what isn't true.


Unknown said...

First of all are these the same fans that booed him in the cincinatti game? Are theses the same fan who wanted A.J. feely? And lets not forget Jeff Garcia, ooh yeah I forgot he got us into the playoffs.Last but not least these are the same fans who wanted a second rounder,Kevin Kolb, to take over as the starting quarterback. I agree with Strathan and I also agree with Chris Carter: if this was Tom Brady,Payton Manning or any other white marqee quarterback this would've have happened. Philly fans are a fair representation of the city. Its a very segregated city divided on racial lines. The same fans wanted him out are the same fans who cant relate to him because of his color. They will never fully appeciate him for the smae exact reason...Check his body of work not only do he hold almost every quaterback record in Eagles history he ranks among the best who ever played.I love my Eagles But as a Black Man in Philadelphia I can dislike the fans of philadelphia too, at least the ones who refuse to recognize his value because of his color.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure Jaws was white and he got similar treatment from the Philly fans. My opinion it is not a race issue. But then again I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

J_Dadifference. Get real dude. The fans booing Mcnabb has NOTHING to do with him being black...perhaps youve forgotten how this town ran Mitch williams out of town and booed Keith Van Horn, Toni Kukoc AND Doug Pederson unmercifully. Iverson is as black as they come and I NEVER recall anyone booing him. Mcnabb gets booed because he plays like garbage some times...same as Jaworski did. Maybe you should analyze your own racial outlook because your way off base here...

colonel said...

When McNabb is good he gets applauded. When McNabb is bad he gets booed. It's the same with any Philadelphia player on any Philadelphia team. It doesn't matter if they are white, black or purple. That's Philly sports and that's Philly fans. Get over it. There is no racial issue here, and don't try to make one.

I was at the game and stood and cheered with everybody else when McNabb came back out of the locker room and onto the field and took back over from the young white QB who wasn't playing very well. Nobody cared what color McNabb was, we just were happy to see him back!