Saturday, January 24, 2009

Terrell Owens...You're Nuts People

Larry Fitzgerald's beat down of the Eagles last weekend has brought out the worst in some Eagles fans. I am actually hearing chatter about how the Eagles would be smart to bring back T.O. if the Cowboys were to release him this off-season.

Come on people...T.O., really?!? For all of his Hall of Fame numbers NEVER overlook the fact that in his 13 seasons, T.O. has won a total of only 4 playoff games. The name of the game is winning people.

The 35 year old, declining T.O. is not the missing piece for these Eagles. T.O. equals divided team and losing.


Anonymous said...

id welcome him back with open arms!!! id love it seeing him in eagle green again look at what him and mcnabb did back in the day man i know hes declining but he would be our primary target for mcnabb not like witten for romo so i think he would do just fine

Anonymous said...

I second that I'd love to see T.O. in an eagles jersey again, but only under the right circumstances...he would have to approach us with his tail between his legs and an earnest commitment to not cause any locker room disturbances, which I assure you will not happen. Taking into consideration the way in which he maintains his body, I can see him having a few good years left, esp given the right qb (i.e. mcnabbulous). I'd much rather see us go after our more pressing needs, most of which our esteemed webmaster covered quite nicely (te, rb, fb, etc)

Anonymous said...

Get a grip people. TO wont be playing for Eagle as long as Reid makes decisions. period.

Unknown said...

wow! You have to be kidding me. TO is a cancer. Do the math folks, TO is not worth it. He's destroyed every team he's played in.