Friday, January 23, 2009

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, The Answer?

The flavor of the moment at WR for the Eagles to pick up seems to be T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The man is a UFA, so having to work out a trade package wouldn't be an issue (unlike with getting Boldin in Eagles' green).

I would never shy away from saying that the Eagles don't need help at the WR position, but there are other more pressing needs with this team (OL, TE, RB to name a few).

And if you look at the stats, is T.J. really the answer for the Eagles?
  • Next September he will be 32 years old. The Eagles have rarely been known to favor players 30+ in age.
  • Since the 2004 season (and yes I am aware that Ryan Fitzpatrick was his QB this season) T.J.'s YPC average has decreased each season.
  • Over the past 3 seasons his yards per game average has decreased each season.
  • Only once has he had a season of collecting double digit touchdowns.

    Again, Houshmandzadeh is a nice player, but at this point in his career is he any better than Curtis or Jackson? Does he have a special niche like First Down-Avant? I would say no and no.

    Boldin is the answer at WR, but I strongly doubt the Eagles have enough to land him. This is especially true since the Cowboys raised the trading price for WRs with their idiotic deal for Roy Williams.

    You wanna target a top-level UFA, go after Julius Peppers.


Anonymous said...

im tellin you man lito sheppard and a first rounder for calvin johnson its the best deal the eagles could hope to make

popseagle said...

Lito's value is somewhere south of 5th rounder. Lions wont give him up for less than 2 1st rounder. I'd rather have Crabtree which can be had for 1st and 3/4th.

Anonymous said...

the eagles need boldin if we get boldin we are goin to super bowl 44 no doubt we have a good value lito sheppard and we have two first round picks lets make a swap for boldin trade a first round pick with lito sheepard and get boldin then we trade another 1st round pick for tony gonzalez.. and lets sign everybody back and lets get this super bowl ring

Anonymous said...

Ok, who ever wrote this article is RETARDED. Curtis and Jackson(at this point in his career) cannot compare to T.J. Whosyourmomma. This is who we gotta get. Dont get me wrong, Boldin is no doubt the best fit, since he is so physical, but he aint comin to philly and thats the truth. I wud love to trade a first rounder and lito for calvin "silky" Johnson, but again, thats not happening. We have the cap to bring in T.J., so we better make a move. LAST TIME I WILL SAY IT... In order for the eagles to WIN the superbowl, they need a big physical guy on the outside who will be doubled up so we can open up the run game. Imagine it, Houshmanzadeh and jackson on the outside, and curtis in the slot, since curtis is more built then jackson you cant send jackson over the middle, he'll get killed lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Everyone would love to see Calvin Johnson and Anquan Boldin in Eagles uniforms, but, realistically, thats not gonna happen. TJ wants to be here, and we sure could use his help. The eagles have a pretty decent O line, and there solid at RB. And to be very honest, TJ is much better then Jason avant, Hankbasket, Kevin Curtis, Desean Jackson, and any other Wide Receivers the Eagles may have. Anyone who actually watched the games this year would know that westbrook was again the best receiver on the team, its ridiculous. Im also all for getting, Julius Peppers,that would be the greatest thing to happen to me this year.

Anonymous said...

Signing Housh is a great idea because we can do it for little risk. No draft pick to trade (he's a free agent), no long term deal (he's older), and not a lot of money per year (he wants to be here, he's on the downside of his career). With Jax, Curtis, and others, we don't need the best WR in the NFL... we just need a guy who can beat a jam and get open over the middle in key situations. I think he can be that guy.

Sign him, then with the two picks in the first round draft take a RB (either Wells from OSU or Moreno from Georgia should be available) and an OT. That should make us one of the preseason favorites in the NFC.

Anonymous said...

You Eagles fans are retarded if you don't understand how good TJ is. Comparing him to your current wide outs is a joke. He is a Hines Ward type player. His value is immense and it would be a DEVASTATING blow to the Bengals to lose him. TJ is the FREAKING man.

Anonymous said...

The one bad thing that people have to say about TJ is that he isn't that great of a downfield threat... SO WHAT? With speed demons in Curtis and Jackson running outside, and the reliable hands of Houshmandzadeh running inside... Don't waste time trying to trade around. Take Beanie Wells and that big Tight End from Oklahoma in the first round of the draft, and sign Houshmandzadeh!

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever make a reference to the Eagles acquiring Calvin Johnson again. That is THE dumbest thing I have ever heard. He is going to be the best receiver in the game someday. Just stop... TJ would be great, only if TE is addressed first. I don't know if you recall, but we got to the super bowl because of CHAD LEWIS (who happens to be a TE) We were dominant with a great TE, and LJ couldn't become that.

Bring in Gonzo to help immediately and help mold Celek. Dream draft of Hakeem Nicks(an absolute stud) and a huge OL. And snag that pounding RB from Liberty in a later round. Sign Peppers(a realll stretch, but possible)...That spells Broad St. Parade Pt. III(after the Phils win again of course)

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