Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Else Ya Got Sal Pal

The hot news yesterday from Paolantonio was that B-West had supposedly reinjured or tweaked his knee during the Giants' game. You know what, who cares. The difference maker this weekend will continue to be the Eagles D.

They always say Defense wins championships and last I checked, the next game is called the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP. Time to prove the old adage right.

And why would we expect anything less than dominance with this unit. Over the past 7 games the D has held opponents to an average of 260 yards and 12 points, while forcing 16 turnovers. No doubt if you looked up dominance in Websters Dictionary, a picture of B-Dawk would be there.

So save your injury reports on Westbrook, Avant, Runyan, and Buckhalter. The O will be good enough to capitalize on the turnovers that the D is going to force old-man Warner into making.

- The Axman was on 610 WIP this morning...of course the morning crew found it more important to talk about a fat guy stuffing his face with jelly doughnuts then to get some meaningful insight from Trotter

- What is Donovan worth if Eli is in line for a 100+ million dollar deal

- And from the case of the obvious....Speaking of superstitions, coach Andy Reid was asked yesterday whether he had any. "I'm not superstitious at all," he said. "I eat."

- Time for the Eagles to make some history...per a stat from Mikey Miss, teams that have beaten the defending Super Bowl Champs in the playoffs are 0-9 the next week.

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