Sunday, January 4, 2009

What We Expected; Bring On The G-Men

And the playoff beard remains! (and I agree with Troy Aikman, just imagine what Reid's scruff will look like come Tampa)

The Eagles leave Minnesota with the win. And it happened pretty much exactly as we expected.

Unless you were drunk on the Green Kool-Aid you had to know this was going to be a close one. Based on the statistics the difference was going to be a Vikings' turnover (it was), the Vikings poor punt coverage (bingo), and the Eagles passing attack (three for three).

Overall it was a good game, not a great game. Reid actually stuck with the run despite it being ineffective. This opened up the middle of the Vikings' D for the receivers. On the flip side, Reid also called two painful passing plays (as usual) on 3rd and 1.

B-West was held in check, but one play reminded us all why he still needs to be considered one of the games' top offensive threats. McNabb reminded us all why the Eagles' would be idiots to not bring him back next season. Did you see Tarvaris? That is Kolb on a good day...scary thought Eagles' fans.

As I said to Dad at the start of the game...give the Eagles D 14 points and a win is all but guaranteed. Outside of one long Peterson run, the D was worthy of it's top-three ranking. Samuel stepped up, B-Dawk was flying everyone, and even Lito got to make an appearance

Donovan's reaction to Westbrook's TD was how we all reacted this evening. We finally got to exhale. So now it's time for the G-Men. If the Eagles wanna be the best, well time to beat the Champs!

Will the beard survive another week??


Anonymous said...

only 3 to go chris. even though it went down as a screen (long hand off) at least they stuck with they plan. maybe ur rubbing off on reid. rematch of week 14 and i see the same result. i hope... lets go EAGLES!

cousin dave

Anonymous said...

Let's go EAGLES!!! Can't wait until next week!

Anonymous said...

chris was it just me or was chris klemens block "choke slame" on T jackson
just the moment of the game? im surprised he walked away from that. either way go eagles

cousin dave