Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who Ya Got - McNabb or Manning?

Arizona Cardinals...next topic, please.

What a turnaround indeed. From being benched to now being discussed as a potential Hall of Famer. Yep, the question of the week has become...Is Donovan McNabb a HOFer?

Well to even have the argument you have to assume that the Eagles close this season out by hoisting the Lombardi in Tampa Bay on February 1. If they don't, bye, bye argument. But if they do, well we might have something here.

And even weirder, one could possibly (I said possibly) argue that McNabb might be more worthy than Payton Manning of enshrinement into Canton. That's right, a Super Bowl victory could displace Manning as the #2 quarterback of this era. Sorry, no one is unseating Mr. Brady.

Donovan stats are good, but compared to Manning...well why even compare them. Manning wins every time. But the argument for McNabb centers on playoff performance. The true defining of a QB is their playoff and Super Bowl record.

So a quick look at the stats and McNabb wins the comparison going away (again this is assuming there are 2 more Ws for McNabb this season).
  • Manning: 15 playoff games, 7-8 record, 25 total TDs, 17 interceptions
  • McNabb: 14 playoff games, 9-5 record, 24 total TDs, 15 interceptions

That win / loss record goes to 11 - 5 with a Super Bowl win this season.

Oh yea, in the 9 seasons that Manning has made the playoffs, 6 times he lost in his opening round. In contrast, McNabb has made the playoffs in six different seasons, boasting a record of 6-0 in his opening round match-ups.

Yea the idea of McNabb and HOF might seem far-fetched...but with a ring, 2-3 more 3,500 - 4,000 passing seasons and his spot is all but guaranteed.

Next question, who thinks Reid is a HOFer?!?


colonel said...

You mean, maybe next year we'll see Donovan doing those commercials instead of Manning?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe i am going to say this, but i tend to agree with this argument

Anonymous said...

yet noone ever bashes Manning. maybe #5 has a case with all his bitching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they have to win the ring first.

Anonymous said...

agreed; Philadelphia has been disappointed to often in the past to think that this Super Bowl is a sure thing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where are the fans screaming for Kolb now???????????????

Anonymous said...

what about ELI?