Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Even Worry...We Are Going To Tampa

Screw the fair and balanced view of this weekend's game.

It's time to bring out the man who bleeds the green, drinks the green kool-aid by the gallons, and sports an Andy Reid Beard as if it actually looks good.

I am tired of these national experts and their predictions of a Cardinals' victory on Sunday. Face it, it ain't just won't. Time to print the Eagles' NFC Championship gear. Time to get all shit-faced in celebration on Sunday.

Really people, the Cardinals?!? The team that won a division by being the only team in the division with a winning record. The team that got beat down on Thanksgiving day because they had too much turkey in their stomachs. The team that flat out quit on their way to being routed 47-7 by the Patriots.

And save me the Larry Fitzgerald talk too. The guy had 2 TDs on Thanksgiving and the Eagles still whooped that ass. A healthy Boldin...wasn't he also healthy on Thanksgiving. A resurrected Cardinals' defense, please you faced a rookie QB and god-awful Jake Delhomme.

Home field advantage at the Jiffy Pop Stadium. Uh, don't think so. Not when you have to request 2 extensions from the NFL to sell out a Wild Card playoff game. The team gets hot and hosts the NFC Championship Game and all of a sudden everyone becomes a Cardinals fan. The term bandwagon is too nice a term for these fans.

And if all the rah rah Cardinals' talk this week leading up to the game wasn't bad enough, Sunday brings 3 more hours of Joe Buck and his ass kissing of anything not Philadelphia.

Book the plane tickets, make the hotel reservations, and start searching for Super Bowl Tickets...the Eagles are going to Tampa!


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate your confidence, I think you should know better as a Philly fan. The impossible heartbreak has a way of fining this city. While the Eagles are the better team, this season has taught us that nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Let's not forget how the Eagles arrived in this situation. But I do hope that your overwhelming confidence proves correct.

chris klinkner said...

@ Chris

agree, but regardless if I am confident or aprehensive going into this weekends game a loss is going to might as well enjoy the week leading up to the game.

And something just seems different this season. Maybe it was the Phillies finally breaking through for the city or just plain Eagles' destiny...

Anonymous said...

@ Chris K-

I agree with you. Something is different. Magic, destiny, I don't know. Whatever it is, I can't get enough and don't want it to end.

Anonymous said...

i look at this game coming up just like the world series, Phillies vs Rays. The rays were a team with absolutely no playoffs history and were looked at as losers. same goes for arizona. the eagles and phillies were teams that many people at the beginning of the year predicted to do good and maybe contend for a title. but see how the cards and rays are doing really good this year, people tend to jump on there band wagon and believe in the feel good story. the eagles no whats needs to be done. they arent looking at this like they did against the bucs acouple years ago. its business. this is B Dawks last real shot at a ring. the whole team knows this. they are going to go out there take care of whats needed to be done and book there flight to tampa.

chris klinkner said...

@ Justin

Perfectly put...Do It For Dawkins

Anonymous said...

It all sounds like 2003...just before Tampa game.

justincharlesharlan said...

Not to mention, D-Mac lives in the Glendale area...

Confidence here is well deserved. People tiptoe around because they are scared, but why? Screw the past, this is now. This team is crazy hungry and playing like it.

Expect a steamroller, maybe somewhat close through 2, but a disgusting explosion will occur by the 3rd.

Like Eskin says, if you're scared get a dog. Otherwise keep the head up and get ready to drive the 17 hours to Tampa like my wife, 8 week old boy, and I will intend to do.