Friday, January 16, 2009

Winning Is The Cure All

Go back to Week 16, say about 7:30ish pm. We all had Reid's ass out the door. The man was a buffoon after squandering away the team's playoff destiny. A 10-3 stinker.

Today we hear that Jon Gruden has gotten the ax. Our old buddy Chucky on the unemployment line. Gruden would have been the perfect candidate for fans to push as the next Eagles' coach. Super Bowl winner, with a Philadelphia coaching background. Perfect choice.

But a funny thing happened. The Eagles started winning and now sit one victory from the Super Bowl. Deservedly so, Reid isn't going anywhere. Year 11 is a sure thing...hell maybe even another contract extension awaits the Bearded One if the Lombardi comes to Philly.

The coaching cure all...just win baby.

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