Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Making of Invincable 2 - The True Story of Eagles Free Agency

Calling Mark Whalberg. Calling Vince Papale. Put down those beers and head down to the Nova Care Complex...the Eagles need some players!

I am kidding, but am I really?

Who didn't the Eagles lose yesterday?!? Buckhalter is now a Bronco. Dawkins is a Bronco, is not a Bronco, and now is a Bronco. L.J. Smith is thankfully a soon-to-be Falcon. I'd drive him to the airport myself Considine inked a 2 year deal with the Jaguars. And Lito is soon to be wearing Broadway green.

True the Eagles are signing Stacy Andrews (he of 2 torn knee ligaments), but that also means goodbye to Runyan. Tra Thomas is still a Free Agent. And reports are that T.J. Houshmandzadeh isn't coming to Philadelphia either.

So a quick calculation shows that McNabb has absolutely zero pull with the Eagles' Front Office. He says give me players, the Front Office just laughs as they "Scrooge McDuck" into their piles of salary cap money.

On a positive note, Day 2 can only get better.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Eagles Front Office Says Screw You

One of the best parts of an Eagles game at the Linc is when the defense is announced during pre-game ceremonies. As a fan you sit there just waiting until the final name is announced. You know that the announcement of that last player is going to crank up your excitement a good 10 least!

At safety, from Clemson....and then the crowd pumping antics begin from Dawkins.

Shocked would be an understatement to today's news of Brain Dawkins signing with the Broncos. Players like B-Dawk are why we fans bleed the green. If someone could actually give 110% that person would be Dawkins.

Where does one even begin when describing Dawkins. All-Pro, Future Hall of Famer, team leader, team role model, community leader.....

Dawkins is everything that is right with Eagles football. Today's news defines everything that is wrong with Eagles football...the Banner Boys and their need to always put the business side of football first.

Letting Dawkins hit free agency was the ultimate disrespect to Brian and to the fans that support the team. When you are 40+ million dollars under the salary cap you open up your pocketbook Joe and you give Dawkins the extra cash or the extra year (see Jamie Moyer and the Phillies example for the proper way to do business).

Instead business rules and Dawkins and the fans are left with a big FU from the front office. Congratulations Banner, your team is now the true leader of the No Fun League.

Mentally and Physically - It's a Good Move

Hey, if you can't beat the Bengals you might as well sign their players.

The reports are that the Eagles are on the verge of signing Stacy Andrews. I am thinking this a good move that has the potential to be a great move.

Good becomes Great if:
  • Stacy is fully healthy for training camp and the season. This is a BIG IF as Andrews will be less than 9 months removed from blowing out two ligaments in his right knee.
  • Bringing in the brother has a positive mental effect on Shawn and gets Shawn back on the field and back to his All-Pro level of play.
  • Signing a Free Agent OT allows the Eagles to use their first round picks on skill positions. Moreno would look great in midnight green.

So if the IFs become reality this signing (in my opinion) has the potential to have a bigger impact that last season's FA signing of Asante Samuel.

The Eagles got themselves a player at a position of dire need. The player is a hulking 6-7, 342 pounds and is very good as a run and pass blocker. The player is only 27 years old and is coming off a season where he was labeled as the Bengal's franchise player. For a stud OT the rumored price tag of $7 million a year is a steal (a.k.a. cheap...the Banner way!)

Andrews and Andrews are going to make for a behemoth right side of the line. Time to run the ball Andy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yep, The Experts Are Idiots

My supporting evidence is....

Case 1 - Matt Mosley makes the following comment:

"It would make things really interesting if the Cowboys made a play for Dawkins. Seeing him in a Cowboys uniform would be deeply disturbing. But then, I seem to recall the great Harold Carmichael wearing a Cowboys uniform at the end of his career. reporter Adam Schefter is reporting that Dallas is shopping safety Roy Williams, so they could obviously have an opening."

I think I am going to throw up picturing Dawkins sporting the Cowboys' star.

Case 2 - Bucky Brooks ranks L.J. Smith as the 21st most attractive FA with the following comment:

"The oft-injured receiver teases scouts and coaches with his big-play potential. His exceptional speed and athleticism make him a matchup nightmare. He has averaged nearly 11 yards a reception over six seasons and is one of the few tight ends capable of stretching the middle of the field."

I am guessing Bucky never saw L.J. actually play.

The Banner Boys - Good Job, Now Be Great

Less than 24 hours until the fun of free agency finally begins.

And as much as it pains me to write this, you have to give the Banner Boys their due. The Eagles were one win away from the Super Bowl, yet are still almost $40 million under the salary cap.

The Eagles are able to do what most consider the impossible. They are able to field a title contender on the field, while always positioning themselves under the salary cap to be major players in free agency.

So kudos to Banner, the man can run the business side of football with the best of them.

But for this love fest to continue (I am already ready to move on), the Banner Boys need to step up and spend their money this off-season. They need to bring in the pieces to prevent another NFC Championship Game collapse. They need to take advantage of the few good years left in their veteran core of Dawkins, B-West, and McNabb.

So here's hoping that Banner and Reid turn some of these player rumors into reality when midnight strikes. This fans wants a OL, a RB, and a WR.

(The Inquirer is thinking Derrick Ward and Jason Brown)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spend The Money - But On Who?

Donovan wants play makers. We fans want play makers. But honestly, is there anyone out there worthy of a big money deal?

Look for yourself...

Running Backs:
  • Derrick Ward, Maurice Morris, Cedric Benson, Tatum Bell, Fred Taylor, LaMont Jordan

Honestly, from the FA running backs Correll Buckhalter might be the best option for the Eagles outside the draft.

Wide Receivers:

  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Washington, Marvin Harrison, Devery Henderson, Bobby Engram, Ronald Curry, Bryant Johnson, Shaun McDonald, Michael Clayton, Reggie Williams

T.J. is the obvious fan choice. But he is more of a possession receiver than game changer. I would rather give Avant more looks then bring in T.J. The rest, well I see no one that would be an upgrade over DeSean or Curtis.

Tight Ends:

  • Jim Kleinsasser, Chris Baker, Jerramy Stevens

Celek is a better pass catching option then these 3 players. However, I wouldn't mind Kleinsasser being brought in for his blocking abilities.

So McNabb and the fans are left hoping that the Eagles can swing a trade with the Cardinals or Browns for a true play maker. Or hope that the Eagles can find another gem like DeSean in this year's draft.

Eagles Continuing To Be Cheap - Tra Thomas

A nice article in the Daily News this morning discussing the on-going contract talks with Tra Thomas.

A deal that I thought was already sealed and delivered appears to be stalling out. Seems to me that the Eagles are low balling Thomas. What, the Eagles and Banner being cheap...never!

So following the McNabb comments the Eagles continue to follow their old game plan. Build a team, hoard the salary cap money.

Letting Thomas hit the FA market seems idiotic to this fan. Quality offensive tackles are hard to come by. Thomas is coming off a quality season and based on his workout regime appears to have 1-2 good years left in his 30+ year old body.

So come on Banner, open up the pocket book and pay the man.

The Eagles can't expect to be successful in 2009 with two new offensive tackles. Banner needs to take a walk across the street to Citizens Bank Park and see what happens when a team spends money. That shiny trophy is called a championship!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Careful What You Wish For McNabb

Oh the drama...will it ever go away?!?

So Donny boy isn't satisfied with the offensive weapons currently on the Eagles. I don't argue that the Eagles' talent couldn't use a upgrade at spots, but at the same time it's not as pathetic as everyone is making it seem. There are some pieces already in place, otherwise you don't finish ranked in the top-10 in offense two straight seasons.

And if you look at the teams that McNabb would be rumored to be going to if Big Red gives him the boot, well the Eagles in comparison look pretty damn talented.

Outside of Peterson, the Vikings top offensive talents are Bobby Wade, Bernard Berrian, and Visanthe Shiancoe. Maybe it's me but I would rather have the group of Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, and Jason Avant to throw to.

The Chicago Bears top offensive threats are Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, and Rashied Davis. Again, as a group, I will take the Eagles talent.

So be careful what you wish for Donovan. The grass isn't always greener elsewhere.

Reggie Brown, Lorenzo Booker Equals Unhappiness

Are the rumors around McNabb's comments true? Or is everything being blown out of proportion because there isn't much else going on with the Eagles? This off-season should be filled with drama...unfortunately.

And silly me actually read a Dave Spadaro article this morning and caught the following tid-bit regarding Lorenzo Booker:

"They [Eagles] are going to look again at Lorenzo Booker and see if there is something he can add to the offense in his second season here."

Getting very mad over here.

Combine the Lorenzo Booker comment with the past comments of Tom Heckert that Reggie Brown would also be back next year and you begin to hope that the McNabb comments are true.
Give 'em hell Donovan! I hope all your teammates back up your comments. The Eagles' Front Office needs to react!

McNabb, Just Being One of Us

If I recall correctly one of the reasons that Reid benched McNabb against the Ravens was to allow McNabb to take a step back and see things from a different perspective.

Well, mission accomplished. What McNabb saw was what we fans have seen for years. I commend McNabb for finally stepping up and voicing his displeasure with his so-called weapons.

In case you missed it, there is an ESPN report claiming that McNabb and the Eagles did have their highly anticipated off-season talk and the outcome was McNabb refusing to move forward with contract talks until he sees what upgrades are made to the team.

Who knew...McNabb is just like us fans. No longer can McNabb be labeled as a management man. We fans too are tired of the garbage that the Eagles assemble at the skill positions. It is time to change ways. Make the big moves, make a serious run at the title.

There are no excuses for the Eagles this off-season. There is an abundance of cap room money, there are high draft picks to package in a trade for a star or to move-up in the draft, and there are some current players that would net value in return.

Give McNabb what he wants. McNabb has earned to the right to speak out after too many seasons of carrying offensive garbage to the brink of a title.

And if the Eagles front office doesn't agree, well it's time to say goodbye to #5.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Day, Of Course Another WR Rumor...Harrison an Eagle?!?

With the daily dose of WR rumors swirling around the Eagles you would think that the Eagles had one of the league's worst passing attacks.

Last I checked the Eagles finished the 2008-'09 season ranked 6th in the league in passing. McNabb threw for a career high in passing yards, DeSean was breaking all sorts of rookie franchise receiving records, and the other WRs stepped up when call upon.

Sure the Eagles WRs aren't perfect and of course the team would benefit from the addition of a top-flight WR like Boldin, but are they really "receiver-needy" as describes? And honestly what would the Eagles want with a washed-up Marvin Harrison?!?

Sure I get the obvious Philadelphia and Syracuse connection, but Harrison's best days are behind him. He is now more injury prone than play maker. At this point in time I would rather have Jason "First-Down" Avant over Harrison.

Training camp can't get here soon enough!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cahonas On Reid...Wow!

Big Red has the balls to make the following comment regarding the Eagles approach to this years' draft...

"You can't afford to draft for needs," he said. "People fall into that. I try not to do that. You understand what your weaknesses are and if that player's there and he's a quality player you take him. If that need is there and he's quality, then you take him. But if there's a way better player there at a different position, then you take that player. You don't want to get caught up in getting someone who's not that good just to try to fill a need."

Wait....WHAT?!? These comments coming from the man who traded OUT of the first round the past 2 seasons. I recall Felix Jones, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Johnson, and Dustin Keller all being on the board when the 19th pick came around last year.

It's not even the start of the season and Reid's mouth is pissing me off. Maybe it's better for everyone if he just goes back to saying nothing. Just give us the throat clears and how you need to do a better job!

Hello Hanson. Hello Nothing for Sheppard.

They always say, I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Why ruin the weekend...let's go with the good news.

The Eagles have rewarded Joselio Hanson with a new 5-year contract worth $21 million, $6 million of it guaranteed. The undrafted, short guy got himself a nice chunk of change. And if you ask this fan it is well deserved.

Hanson is an excellent cover corner, plays physical, and is one of the top nickel corners in the league. The Eagles' CB situation will continue to be a position of depth and strength in the 2009-'10 season (don't go forgetting Jack Ikegwuonu either).

If you want to see the skills of Hanson take a look at the Thanksgiving game against the Cardinals, which I viewed as his break out game.

OK, on to the bad news. The Eagles are going to get squat for Lito Sheppard now. The league knows the Eagles don't want him. The 2008 season saw Lito delegated to 4th on the CB depth chart and also lose playing time to a rookie (Demps) in the NFC Championship game.

The Eagles had a chance to get a trade of value last year for Sheppard. Rumors floated about a possible 2nd rounder, but definitely a 3rd rounder. Not great, but not bad for an injury prone CB with a major attitude problem. Instead of unloading Sheppard the Eagles got selfish and kept asking for more.

The result was an unhappy CB, a CB who never played up to his Pro Bowl potential, and now a player who will probably no longer bring a Day 1 draft pick in return.

Congrats to Hanson. Good Luck to Lito. And here's hoping a lesson was learned by the Banner boys.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Give Me A Healthy Shawn Andrews

Yea I was bummed yesterday with the news that Jordan Gross resigned with the Panthers. But you know what...who cares?

I am going to take the approach that I'd rather have Shawn Andrews than Jordon Gross.

And with Andrews missing all but 2 games last season one could (and I am going to) take the view that plugging Andrews back into the line-up next season is like signing a new player. Inserting Andrews can only improve an Eagles' team that was NFC Championship Game caliber without him.

Better yet, this new player is one of the top OL in the entire league. Sure there are a lot of ifs when it comes to Andrews (mental and physical) but as the 2008-09 season ended all signs pointed towards Andrews returning full force to start the 2009 season.

So my plan, resign Tra (which the Eagles appear to be doing), slide Andrews out to RT, and keep Cole as the starting RG. If you don't believe that Andrews can make the switch and be effective, well just ask Big Red...

"I've got two guards that are pretty good tackles," he said. "That's why I brought them here. I drafted them as tackles."

Andrews will have a bigger impact on the OL than Gross would have.

Now it's back to the land of fantasy and continue with my dreams of the Eagles packaging one of their 1st rounders to land Boldin.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going, Going, Gone. Hello Eagles' Disappointment

And we all thought that the disappointment ended with the loss to the Cardinals.

But come on, we are all Eagles' fans here and we all know disappointment reigns supreme with the Eagles.

Why so down you ask? Jordan Gross has been inked to a new deal by the Panthers. Bye, bye dreams of plugging the young stud in at tackle and using the draft to concentrate on the skill positions.

God damn Panthers...slowly (ok quickly) moving up my list of teams to hate. 2003 NFC Championship Game, having a lights-out season following the trade of their 2009 1st round pick, and now ending my dream of Gross suiting up in green.

Oh yea, we can also kiss the dream of having Peppers come to Philadelphia...the bastards of course slapped him with the franchise tag today.

No Gross. No Peppers. Now we are most likely left with the Eagles using their 1st round draft picks (package them to move up) to secure the OT of the future (we all saw how successful that plan was with Justice). And if you use the draft picks on a OT, well there goes any package deal in a potential trade for Boldin.

But at least L.J. hasn't been franchised again, so this off-season is still off to a better start than last year.

Thank god for the Phillies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Back-Up Plan: Feeley or Kolb?

Let's play the assume game.

Let's assume McNabb is back, the Eagles add some quality depth at RB, and sign either a top free agent WR or TE. If they do, the 2009 Eagles' offense will be better than A-Ok. For good measure let's also throw in a healthy Andrews and FA Gross at tackle.

The defense well that unit is already pretty damn special. So going into the 2009 season the Eagles should be ready to make a run towards a title.

But what if McNabb's history of injuries again resurfaces and #5 misses some time. After watching Kolb last season are we still comfortable with him as the back-up QB? Or would you be a little more comfortable with A.J. under center for a game or two?

Sure this may seem like a moot point now. But poor play from a back-up QB can cost a team the 1 or 2 wins needed to secure a playoff spot.

I honestly can't believe I am going to write this, but I would rather have Feeley under center.

Call me a Kolb hater, but I trust the veteran more than the kid. Sure Feeley had his share of pick sixes in the past, but I still remember the confidence he brought to the team during the 2007 season. A.J. had us all thinking the Eagles were going to upset the undefeated Patriots.

Kolb is still young but to date he has shown me zero to entrust him with the offense in a season that could have title implications.

So if McNabb is still the future and Kolb may not even be the best back-up option, please tell me again why he was worthy of a 2nd round draft pick?!?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Eagles' Off-Season - Dream Big

The longer the off-season gets, the more it seems like the land of make believe. If someone is a top Free Agent, well of course they are coming to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hey, it's what makes the off-season fun, right? It's what gets us to the NFL draft and then to training camp and then FINALLY the kick-off of the 2009 season.

So enjoy it...the reality of Philadelphia Eagles' football continues to be a cruel tease. Oh so close, but oh so never winning it all!

So go ahead and listen to and believe the chatter and rumors. If you do, well the 2009 Eagles are going to be pretty damn incredible.

Starting at WR will be T.J. and Boldin. Manning the middle will be future HOFer TonyGonzalez. The Eagles will actually use a first round draft pick and select Chris Wells to compliment B-West in the backfield. And we can't forget about the Defense and the heat that Julious Peppers will be bringing on the opposing QB.

There will also be fresh ink on Donovan's new contract. With all the signings, of course Lurie and Banner and their penny-pinching ways are long gone. And everyone's favorite PA coach, Bill Cowher is patrolling the sidelines.

Chase Utley is again uttering the phrase World F-ing Champions. And most importantly for the first time ever in the Super Bowl Era the 2009-'10 Lombardi Trophy is taking up residence in the City of Brotherly Love.

The NFL Off-Season...where Philadelphia football dreams actually come true. If only the luck would carry over into reality!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes Tom We Do Need WRs

So Tom Heckert thinks that the Eagles don't need upgrading at the WR position. Well Tom, I don't remember anyone asking for you to chime in. And honestly does your opinion even the eyes of most fans you are nothing more than Andy Reid's puppet.

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if Banner, Lurie, and Heckert just kept their mouths shut.

And not that my opinion matters either, but I am going to say that the Eagles do need some more talent at WR. Sure DeSean and Curtis are nice pieces but to get to the next level we need more from the WR position.

You don't believe me just look at the game film from the Redskins' game (10-3 loss). When the opposition mans up against the Eagles' WRs at the line the smaller Curtis and DeSean can't break free. I am thinking, wait, I know, a guy like Boldin wouldn't have this problem.

Need some more problem...let's go to the numbers.

This past season the Eagles were the only team in the NFC East not to have at least 2 WRs with 35+ catches or 500 yards receiving. The Eagles' WRs were also the only team in the division to not have one player catch at least 4 TD passes.

True the Eagles like to spread the ball around to many different WRs. But when you are in a big game or need a big play, you need that stud WR to step up. Right now I am not sure the Eagles have that guy. Sure DeSean will continue to develop and get better, but he will never be that big, prototypical WR that takes an offense to the next level.

But again what do I know. The puppet says we don't need WRs.

Joe Montana Knows Best

Honestly, I never get tired of T.O. bashing.

The latest zinger is compliments of QB legend, Joe Montana. When asked about Owens complaints about not getting more balls thrown his way, Montana responded....

"I would have pulled out the video and said, here's why I don't throw you the ball. You can't catch. And I would have done it through the media like he did to Garcia."

In the words of the immortal Joe I believe. And call it Eagles' bias, but at this point I would rather have DeSean Jackson than Owens.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Give The Eagles Leonard Weaver

All season long Eagles' fans bitched and moaned about the stupidity of the Eagles for not having a true FB on the roster. It was another classic example of Reid thinking he could just plug anyone anywhere and his system would prevail.

Well like the PR in 2007, Reid was wrong. Too often last season the Eagles feel short in short yardage situations because there was no true FB paving the way for the running game.

So now that we have entered the off-season where are the cries to get a FB on the squad? As always we fans have become enamored with the WR position. Sure it would be sweet to have Boldin or T.J., but let's not forget that the Eagles just finished a season in which as a group the WRs caught more passes than ever before in the Reid era.

So let's get back to the FB. Why not sure up the position by signing Leonard Weaver, the UFA FB of the Seahawks. The reports have Weaver being one of the top young FBs in the league. The numbers back up the claim...

  • 6'0'', 242 pounds, 26 years old
  • Career average of 4.4 yards per carry
  • 39 receptions in 2007, 20 receptions in 2008

If the kid is so good why wouldn't the Seahawks resign him? Well they did draft Owen Schmitt last season to be the future at FB. So if the Eagles offer the right contract why get into a bidding war over a FB.

Yes I understand that the FB position with the Eagles is not a highly used position, but after last season it can not be overlooked. Weaver would be the answer. He is big, young, a stud blocker, can get the short yards, can catch the ball out of the backfield, and he is already familiar with the West Coast offense after playing for Coach Holmgren. Sounds perfect to me.

And wouldn't it be just like the Eagles to sign a FB when we all are clamoring for a WR.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A.J. Feeley A NY Jet?

Sorry, I know discussing Feeley isn't the "sexy" topic this off-season. Conversations of Boldin, Peppers, or T.J. make for better headlines and water cooler talk. But with the retirement of Favre this fan is thinking maybe the Eagles could get something for Feeley from the Jets.

The Jets need to bring in a veteran QB to challenge Clemens, Ratliff, and Ainge. The Jets have a veteran team with some talent and would be idiots to waste a season with a young QB struggling.

Yes I also understand that Feeley isn't a big name or the most talented QB. But with the Jets being up against the cap do they really have that many choices available to them? Feeley has some talent, has shown that if surrounded by the right pieces (Thomas Jones) he can lead a team to victories, could provide a veteran, mentoring presence, and would come on the cheap to the Jets.

The Eagles previously fooled the Dolphins into giving up a 2nd round draft pick for Feeley. Maybe this time the Eagles could steal maybe a 5th or 6th rounder from the Jets or even the 7th rounder they recently got from the Packers for Favre only playing one season. This may not seem like much, but for a guy that is a 3rd stringer anything is better than nothing.

Sorry for the interruption...back to the talks of getting Boldin in Eagles' green (which in reality has as much chance of happening as this Feeley scenario!).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Eagles and The Money Game

Football is it a game or is it a business? Yes and Yes. And on the business side the Eagles seem to be hoarding their money. As G. Cobb points out today the Eagles are ranked toward the bottom of the league in NFL payrolls (20 out of 32 teams).

The Eagles being cheap...this isn't news to Eagles' fans. But this fan has had enough. Spend the damn money this off-season. The team has some aging veterans that man some key positions on the squad. The window of opportunity for McNabb, Westbrook, and Dawkins won't be open forever (maybe 1 or 2 more seasons). Not spending money last season probably resulted in the window closing on veterans Tra Thomas and Runyan.

Of course be smart with the money, but truly go Pedal to the Metal this off-season. This could mean signing OT Gross, WR T.J., or even trading for Boldin and rewarding him with a new deal. Learn from the guys across the street (Phillies) and spend some money to make a run at the title.

And on the topic of salaries how about rewarding Donovan McNabb with a new deal.

At first I was against the idea, but if a new deal makes the man happy and ends the off-season drama and whining, let's do it. Currently McNabb is only the 10th highest paid QB, falling behind such QBs as Garrard, Alex Smith, and Delhomme. A happy Donovan equals a successful 2009 Eagles season.

Sheldon Brown - Where's The Credit?

I was one of them. Despite watching all the games (sometimes even twice) I was beginning to doubt the skills of Sheldon. I thought he was slipping. Being abused by Fitzgerald in the NFC Championship Game only further confirmed my opinion. But in the end I was wrong.

Samuel got the big money contract. Samuel made the highlight reels with his interceptions and TDs. Sheppard garnered the headlines with his unhappiness and attitude. Dawkins was Dawkins and was everyone's favorite DB. Mikell's level of play rose so much he was named 2nd team All-Pro.

Sheldon, well where was he? The answer...he was playing his usual consistent, high-level ball. When looking at the stats you might not be impressed...1 interception, 1 FF, 1 sack, and 51 tackles. Nice, but not great. WRONG!

If you look further into the stats (as this site did) you see that Brown had one of the best seasons of all the CBs in the league (including Samuel the Pro Bowler).

Totals for Brown: 63 attempts, 4.84 YPA, 44.44 Forced INC%, 0 TDs, 1 INT

Analysis: Among CBs with at least 40 attempts, Brown was behind only Brandon Flowers, Samari Rolle and Corey Webster with a 4.84 YPA.

So in the end it looks like Sheldon is still the man. Not only can he bring the pain on a tackle, the man can cover with the best of them. It's safe to assume that Lurie won't be mentioning Brown's YPA anytime soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Circus That Is the Eagles

Is it a circus or is the better term Soap Opera.

I love the Eagles dearly. I bleed the green with the best of them. Yet I am often left wondering why drama always and only seems to follow the guys in green?

Seriously, among the city's 4 major sports teams the Eagles are the only team that is constantly making headlines strictly for their whining, drama, bitching, and far fetched realities (Gold Standard, Pedal to Metal). Yea this is a football town, but come on, can we please stop this crap.

The Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies are all playoff teams, with the Phillies even being World F-ing Champions. Each team carries some of their respective leagues' top players. Yet unlike the Eagles, the players and front office members are able to keep in-house garbage in-house. Headlines are devoted to on the field performance...the way it should be.

Some of the Eagles may think they are extra special, but in reality they are only players or management playing a game. So please, shut up and instead put all of this energy and time into bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia!

Kevin Kolb...Is It Over?

There is no QB controversy. McNabb is the starting QB, the best QB on the Eagles roster, and at times he is still an elite QB in this league.

But what happens if McNabb were to go down with injury. Yea McNabb made it through this past season without injury, but such an occurrence was the first time in the past 4 seasons. What happens is that the Eagles are going to need Kevin Kolb.

And though his performance may not warrant our faith, I think we all might be jumping the gun a bit in our labeling of Kolb as a bust. Sure he could be garbage, but can we really make an honest evaluation about the guy after only 34 pass attempts?!? Oh yea, 23 of those attempts came against the Ravens' #2 ranked Defense when Kolb wasn't even expected to play!

Did we write off McNabb when he finished his rookie season completing less than 50% of his passes, had a QB rating of 60, and the team won only 2 of the games he started? Nope, we gave the guy a chance and we were rewarded with a lot of wins.

So as we enter the off-season thinking that a successful 2009-'10 season is only a few upgrades away let's give #4 a chance. We just might need the kid next season.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Setting The Bar Low

The Eagles need to draft a RB this off-season. You know it, the mock drafts are showing it, now we just have to hope the Eagles make it a reality. My pick would be Chris Wells, but in comparison to last year's draft day trade for Lorenzo Booker anybody would be an upgrade.

Despite having trouble getting on the field for a 1-15 Dolphins team, Booker was immediately hailed as the next B-West. Could everyone of been more wrong with this guy?!? The final numbers for Booker:
  • 20 carries for 53 rushing yards
  • 2.7 yards per carry average
  • Inactivated for 8 of the final 10 games
Honestly, you could take the snap, immediately fall forward every time and still have a more productive season than Booker.

With 2 first round picks the Eagles have a chance to correct last season's Booker mistake and find a back to compliment Westbrook and then eventually be the teams' #1 RB.

And in addition to watching Booker fail the Eagles also saw DeSean succeed in his rookie campaign. DeSean's success means that rookies CAN come in and make an immediate contribution as a play maker on offense. So now give us a RB to follow in DeSean's footsteps!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Off-Season Targets for the Eagles

T.J. Houshmandzadeh and his 9.8 yards per catch average is little more than a rich team's Jason Avant.

Anquan Boldin is going to cost Roy Williams' type draft picks and contract money. You also can't overlook the me-first tantrum he threw after his team won the NFC Championship.

Julius Peppers is a freak, but to this fan his signing would bring back bad memories of the other Freak. Plus the Eagles finished 3rd in the NFL in sacks last season, so pressuring the QB is not a real concern.

I am not inventing the wheel here when I say that the Eagles top 2 off-season targets (outside of the draft) should be signing Jordon Gross and trading for Tony Gonzalez.

Yea I know signing an OT isn't a sexy move, but it is the smartest move for the Eagles. You wanna run the ball, well you need blocking. You wanna be a pass happy offense, well you need someone to protect #5. Gross answers both of these needs.

And unlike the WR and DE positions (where the Eagles have some depth and talent) there is no current solution at OT. Runyan will be coming off surgery and Thomas got abused this post season. Plus signing Gross allows the Eagles to use their 1st round picks on skill position players and we all saw how successful such a draft plan can be with DeSean.

Tony Gonzalez equals red zone production. Enough of the Eagles dominance between the 20s and then having to settle for only 3 points. In the past 3 seasons (2006-'08) the Eagles' TEs caught a combined 14 touchdowns. Last season alone Gonzalez had 10 TDs playing with nobody QBs. Celek may have shown us something in the post-season, but he ain't no Gonzalez.

Gross, Gonzalez, and a 1st round's really that simple (I hope)!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anquan Boldin Is Roy Williams

Actually we all know that Boldin is a better WR than Williams. Just look at the's not even a close comparison. Such facts should mean the end of the cries to bring Boldin to Philadelphia this off-season via a trade.

Thank you Jerry Jones, you have screwed us Eagles' fans (just one more reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys). Why? Well if Roy Williams requires a team to give up picks in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th rounds, plus a $45 million contract (with $20 million guaranteed) how much do you think it will cost to pry a WR with Boldin's ability?

The answer...more than the draft pick hoarding, salary cap saving Eagles are willing to fork over. So rumors of Boldin coming to Philly may make for good headlines in these long winter months, but the reality is that when training camp rolls around in August Curtis and Jackson will still be #1 and #2 on the depth chart.

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McNabb Is Not New Deal Worthy

I've said it before and I will say it again...Donovan McNabb is the best QB option for the Eagles currently on their roster, available in the upcoming draft, available in free agency, or available via trade.

The Eagles are at their best with McNabb under center again next season. Go ahead and find me a better can't.

But what I don't agree with is the need for the Eagles to reward McNabb with a new contract. Yea it sucks that his signing bonus money is all but gone and his current deal provides him with little security...but as they say...them the brakes.

I just don't see how you reward a guy that is coming off a season that had him being benched and producing numbers take were middle of the pack QB numbers. 9+ million dollars seems more than fair for a QB that was ranked:
  • QB Rating: 14th
  • Passing Yards: 7th
  • TD Passes: 8th
  • Completion Percentage: 18th
  • Average Yards Per Pass Attempt: 18th
  • Yards Per game: 9th
  • Interceptions: 14th

Again good numbers, but numbers that have you home and not in Hawaii this weekend. Numbers that are worthy of his current contract, but not a new deal.

If the man needs more money maybe there can be a built in incentive clause for keeping his mouth a no whining clause. It would be a win win for all.


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blame Reid The GM

Are you tired of saying or hearing that McNabb has to play better for the Eagles to win?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe McNabb is playing at his highest level and that there is no more to give? If not, well maybe you should start thinking that way.

I am not taking anything away from McNabb's talents. He is still in the upper echelon of QBs in this league. But at the same time the man does have his shortcomings. After 10 seasons is it really realistic to expect McNabb to improve or change his ways? At this point McNabb is who he is...accept it and save your bitching for Reid the GM.

McNabb is Reid's guy. 10 seasons together, through all the highs and lows. Reid knows the make-up of McNabb better than anyone. Despite this, season after season Reid continues to NOT surround McNabb with better talent to compensate for the things that McNabb can't do. (And to a lesser extent Reid the coach needs to game plan better for McNabb's weaknesses.)

As we enter yet another off-season without the Lombardi, Reid the GM has another opportunity to bring in the personnel and talent to maximize the QB that he has. If Reid again fails why should we as fans expect the ending to be any different for the Eagles next season.

Until the players around McNabb change, the Eagles, like their QB, will continue to be good, but in the end they will never be the greatest.

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The Eagles Need The Phillies

A little over two weeks is all that is left until pitchers and catchers report. For the Eagles spring training can't get here fast enough.

The Steelers Super Bowl victory has again opened up the flood gates of Eagles, Reid, and McNabb haters. You would think that Philadelphia didn't have a hockey or basketball team playing with the sports headlines again focusing on the Eagles inability to be Steeler-like and capture a championship.

McNabb is again a bum, a choker, and could never carry the jock strap of a Roethlisberger. Reid is again a bumbling idiot who needs to be shown the exit. Come on people...CALM DOWN!

True the Eagles squandered away a golden opportunity against the Cardinals. Sure they have some holes to fill during the off-season. But as a whole they are not a wreak, a lost cause. Please don't forget that the Eagles were only ONE win away from going to Tampa themselves. They carry defensive and offensive units that are top-10.

So come on Spring Training, let's go Phillies. Give the Philly fans something to focus their attention on besides bashing the Eagles.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Give The Eagles Fans Want They Want

The Super Bowl is done. The 2008-'09 season is officially history. Time to think draft and free agency. It's also time to think back to the 1999 draft. It's where all the hating started...

The Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb with the 2nd overall pick. A mayor and a small group of idiots who made the trip to the draft booed the pick because the pick wasn't Ricky Williams. As we read this now we all know the Eagles made the wise easily closed...shut.

But those booing idiots doomed the Eagles' fan base. Each season we are bashed by the national media about how we don't appreciate the greatness of McNabb. The hating all started on draft day. But as they say, what would you expect from a fan base that booed Santa Claus?!? Go screw!

But even worse than the media bashing was that the 1999 draft laid the foundation for a whinny QB who to this day still feels the need to let everyone know about his poor treatment, being under appreciated, and the chip on his shoulder. Hey Donovan, we know you are great and the best QB option we got, so shut the f-up!

So as we enter free agency this off-season guess which RB is available for the taking? Yep, you guessed it...Ricky Williams (UFA)!

So to all those idiots who booed McNabb back in 1999 here's your man. I am thinking that those boos should now be directed at Ricky!

That Wasn't McNabb Out There

Well I am glad that is over. All teams are back to 0-0. Time for the 2009-'10 season.

Last night's game was the Super Bowl, but this fan kept thinking he was watching a replay of the NFC Championship game.

One team is down big and the game is surely out of reach. But it wasn't. A comeback is made to take the lead. Now all the pressure sits on the shoulders of the QB to march his team down the field with 2:37 left in the game. As an Eagles' fan you have been taught to think that such a thing is impossible.

Holy can actually win a game when trailing with 2 minutes to go. I guess that is why Big Ben is sporting 2 rings and McNabb is not.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

They Call Him Beanie

Take 'em out back, cause he is done.

Damn people! This is how we treat our elders?!? I am now petrified to turn 30 in a few months. Some injuries and a 30 year old body has everyone screaming that Westbrook is done.

Funny, less then a year ago we were all screaming to give the man a new deal. Well to join the side of the majority, all signs should point to the Eagles using pick #21 to draft a RB. B-West can still be the MAN, but to be safe use the 1st round pick this year!!

Prior to the playoffs I was all for drafting a TE with the first pick, but Celek showed himself to be the anti-L.J. so on to the next need...the running back. And no one fits the pick better than Chris "Beanie" Wells (as a PSU fan it pains me to support anything from THE Ohio State).

But Wells has the goods.
  • 6'1'', 237 pounds
  • A 40 time of about 4.4 seconds (he can get to the outside)
  • Runs with power, shedding off the first would-be-tackler (a true run-between-the-tackles RB)
  • 30 TDs, 3382 yards in just 33 games

With that #28 pick lets get us a tackle to pave some holes for Beanie.

The Super Bowl Commercials

Does the mere mention of anything Arizona Cardinals still make you sick? Are the new commercials the only thing putting you in front on the tube this Super Sunday?

Your evening is now free....