Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Day, Of Course Another WR Rumor...Harrison an Eagle?!?

With the daily dose of WR rumors swirling around the Eagles you would think that the Eagles had one of the league's worst passing attacks.

Last I checked the Eagles finished the 2008-'09 season ranked 6th in the league in passing. McNabb threw for a career high in passing yards, DeSean was breaking all sorts of rookie franchise receiving records, and the other WRs stepped up when call upon.

Sure the Eagles WRs aren't perfect and of course the team would benefit from the addition of a top-flight WR like Boldin, but are they really "receiver-needy" as describes? And honestly what would the Eagles want with a washed-up Marvin Harrison?!?

Sure I get the obvious Philadelphia and Syracuse connection, but Harrison's best days are behind him. He is now more injury prone than play maker. At this point in time I would rather have Jason "First-Down" Avant over Harrison.

Training camp can't get here soon enough!!


Anonymous said...

I've always salivated at the idea of bringing in Harrison, but he's damaged goods. Whatever his level of involvement was in that shooting, i dont think the eagles want any part of it. Plus for the 9 mil/year the eagles would need to pay, we could get a much younger WR.

Anonymous said...

If Donovan deigns to stay, I think we should sign Marvin. Where Andy gets it wrong, is in thinking that because Donovan is so inaccurate throwing the ball, he needs to get tall receivers like Baskett. Smilin' D has already proven in Phoenix that that won't work. Where Smilin D' excels is in killing the carpet mites, so we should be stocking up on 3' WRs if we want him to hit these guys in stride.

chris klinkner said...

maybe that is why Desean is so good with McNabb...he is tiny for a WR.

And in regards to McNabb the teams that he is being rumored to be traded to (Minnesota, Bears, Kansas City) all have worse receivers than the Eagles!