Monday, February 16, 2009

The Back-Up Plan: Feeley or Kolb?

Let's play the assume game.

Let's assume McNabb is back, the Eagles add some quality depth at RB, and sign either a top free agent WR or TE. If they do, the 2009 Eagles' offense will be better than A-Ok. For good measure let's also throw in a healthy Andrews and FA Gross at tackle.

The defense well that unit is already pretty damn special. So going into the 2009 season the Eagles should be ready to make a run towards a title.

But what if McNabb's history of injuries again resurfaces and #5 misses some time. After watching Kolb last season are we still comfortable with him as the back-up QB? Or would you be a little more comfortable with A.J. under center for a game or two?

Sure this may seem like a moot point now. But poor play from a back-up QB can cost a team the 1 or 2 wins needed to secure a playoff spot.

I honestly can't believe I am going to write this, but I would rather have Feeley under center.

Call me a Kolb hater, but I trust the veteran more than the kid. Sure Feeley had his share of pick sixes in the past, but I still remember the confidence he brought to the team during the 2007 season. A.J. had us all thinking the Eagles were going to upset the undefeated Patriots.

Kolb is still young but to date he has shown me zero to entrust him with the offense in a season that could have title implications.

So if McNabb is still the future and Kolb may not even be the best back-up option, please tell me again why he was worthy of a 2nd round draft pick?!?


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What about trying to sign Houshmanzadeh now that they bengals used there franchise on someone else?...