Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Banner Boys - Good Job, Now Be Great

Less than 24 hours until the fun of free agency finally begins.

And as much as it pains me to write this, you have to give the Banner Boys their due. The Eagles were one win away from the Super Bowl, yet are still almost $40 million under the salary cap.

The Eagles are able to do what most consider the impossible. They are able to field a title contender on the field, while always positioning themselves under the salary cap to be major players in free agency.

So kudos to Banner, the man can run the business side of football with the best of them.

But for this love fest to continue (I am already ready to move on), the Banner Boys need to step up and spend their money this off-season. They need to bring in the pieces to prevent another NFC Championship Game collapse. They need to take advantage of the few good years left in their veteran core of Dawkins, B-West, and McNabb.

So here's hoping that Banner and Reid turn some of these player rumors into reality when midnight strikes. This fans wants a OL, a RB, and a WR.

(The Inquirer is thinking Derrick Ward and Jason Brown)

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Read this article...thought it might put some perspective on Marvin Harrison: