Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blame Reid The GM

Are you tired of saying or hearing that McNabb has to play better for the Eagles to win?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe McNabb is playing at his highest level and that there is no more to give? If not, well maybe you should start thinking that way.

I am not taking anything away from McNabb's talents. He is still in the upper echelon of QBs in this league. But at the same time the man does have his shortcomings. After 10 seasons is it really realistic to expect McNabb to improve or change his ways? At this point McNabb is who he is...accept it and save your bitching for Reid the GM.

McNabb is Reid's guy. 10 seasons together, through all the highs and lows. Reid knows the make-up of McNabb better than anyone. Despite this, season after season Reid continues to NOT surround McNabb with better talent to compensate for the things that McNabb can't do. (And to a lesser extent Reid the coach needs to game plan better for McNabb's weaknesses.)

As we enter yet another off-season without the Lombardi, Reid the GM has another opportunity to bring in the personnel and talent to maximize the QB that he has. If Reid again fails why should we as fans expect the ending to be any different for the Eagles next season.

Until the players around McNabb change, the Eagles, like their QB, will continue to be good, but in the end they will never be the greatest.

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Anonymous said...

Over the last year or two several in-depth anaylsis of Reid's Track Record in the draft compared to other contenders over a period of several years showed that the Eagles are actually pretty decent talent evaluaters compared to the rest of the leauge. They draft better then average. One was done in the Daily News and the other was done on Comcast Sportsnet.

The main problem with the team imo are certain organizational beliefs that are inaccurate. Things like Wide Reciever not being a important position and feeling that passing the ball 60% of the time is the way to go. The Eagles are fine at evaluating talent. Its one thing to point out blown picks and signings but its meaningless unless compared with what everyone else is doing.