Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Circus That Is the Eagles

Is it a circus or is the better term Soap Opera.

I love the Eagles dearly. I bleed the green with the best of them. Yet I am often left wondering why drama always and only seems to follow the guys in green?

Seriously, among the city's 4 major sports teams the Eagles are the only team that is constantly making headlines strictly for their whining, drama, bitching, and far fetched realities (Gold Standard, Pedal to Metal). Yea this is a football town, but come on, can we please stop this crap.

The Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies are all playoff teams, with the Phillies even being World F-ing Champions. Each team carries some of their respective leagues' top players. Yet unlike the Eagles, the players and front office members are able to keep in-house garbage in-house. Headlines are devoted to on the field performance...the way it should be.

Some of the Eagles may think they are extra special, but in reality they are only players or management playing a game. So please, shut up and instead put all of this energy and time into bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia!

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