Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Eagles and The Money Game

Football is it a game or is it a business? Yes and Yes. And on the business side the Eagles seem to be hoarding their money. As G. Cobb points out today the Eagles are ranked toward the bottom of the league in NFL payrolls (20 out of 32 teams).

The Eagles being cheap...this isn't news to Eagles' fans. But this fan has had enough. Spend the damn money this off-season. The team has some aging veterans that man some key positions on the squad. The window of opportunity for McNabb, Westbrook, and Dawkins won't be open forever (maybe 1 or 2 more seasons). Not spending money last season probably resulted in the window closing on veterans Tra Thomas and Runyan.

Of course be smart with the money, but truly go Pedal to the Metal this off-season. This could mean signing OT Gross, WR T.J., or even trading for Boldin and rewarding him with a new deal. Learn from the guys across the street (Phillies) and spend some money to make a run at the title.

And on the topic of salaries how about rewarding Donovan McNabb with a new deal.

At first I was against the idea, but if a new deal makes the man happy and ends the off-season drama and whining, let's do it. Currently McNabb is only the 10th highest paid QB, falling behind such QBs as Garrard, Alex Smith, and Delhomme. A happy Donovan equals a successful 2009 Eagles season.

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