Friday, February 27, 2009

The Eagles Front Office Says Screw You

One of the best parts of an Eagles game at the Linc is when the defense is announced during pre-game ceremonies. As a fan you sit there just waiting until the final name is announced. You know that the announcement of that last player is going to crank up your excitement a good 10 least!

At safety, from Clemson....and then the crowd pumping antics begin from Dawkins.

Shocked would be an understatement to today's news of Brain Dawkins signing with the Broncos. Players like B-Dawk are why we fans bleed the green. If someone could actually give 110% that person would be Dawkins.

Where does one even begin when describing Dawkins. All-Pro, Future Hall of Famer, team leader, team role model, community leader.....

Dawkins is everything that is right with Eagles football. Today's news defines everything that is wrong with Eagles football...the Banner Boys and their need to always put the business side of football first.

Letting Dawkins hit free agency was the ultimate disrespect to Brian and to the fans that support the team. When you are 40+ million dollars under the salary cap you open up your pocketbook Joe and you give Dawkins the extra cash or the extra year (see Jamie Moyer and the Phillies example for the proper way to do business).

Instead business rules and Dawkins and the fans are left with a big FU from the front office. Congratulations Banner, your team is now the true leader of the No Fun League.


Unknown said...

do we know that this was the case yet? do we know that Dawkins didn't have ridiculous demands? i know everyone is assuming the Eagles are the bad guys here, I am too, it seemed like BDawk wanted to come back. But, there is a point where logic outweighs loyalty.

PhillyBella said...

Brian Dawkins is one of the greatest Eagles ever and it is a disgrace that management let him go. I'm sick and tired of seeing all of our best players finish their careers elsewhere because Joe Banner thinks age equals done. There is no one on the team with more heart, skill and integrity than Brian. I'm still hoping against hope that this is a rumor, but if it's true I wish you the best Brian and shame on you Banner!

Anonymous said...

this is truly a travesty. no words.

PhillyFanSportsTalk said...

Two things to consider here. First, this damn front office never gets anything right, so this is no surprise. Second, from a football perspective, Dawk has lost a couple of steps. So, much as I hate to say this, they might be right this time. At least from a football perspective. But then, if we are going to start parting company with guys that can't contribute as much anymore, why not start with our cry baby QB, and overweight coach?


Anonymous said...

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