Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Eagles Need The Phillies

A little over two weeks is all that is left until pitchers and catchers report. For the Eagles spring training can't get here fast enough.

The Steelers Super Bowl victory has again opened up the flood gates of Eagles, Reid, and McNabb haters. You would think that Philadelphia didn't have a hockey or basketball team playing with the sports headlines again focusing on the Eagles inability to be Steeler-like and capture a championship.

McNabb is again a bum, a choker, and could never carry the jock strap of a Roethlisberger. Reid is again a bumbling idiot who needs to be shown the exit. Come on people...CALM DOWN!

True the Eagles squandered away a golden opportunity against the Cardinals. Sure they have some holes to fill during the off-season. But as a whole they are not a wreak, a lost cause. Please don't forget that the Eagles were only ONE win away from going to Tampa themselves. They carry defensive and offensive units that are top-10.

So come on Spring Training, let's go Phillies. Give the Philly fans something to focus their attention on besides bashing the Eagles.

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