Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Eagles' Off-Season - Dream Big

The longer the off-season gets, the more it seems like the land of make believe. If someone is a top Free Agent, well of course they are coming to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hey, it's what makes the off-season fun, right? It's what gets us to the NFL draft and then to training camp and then FINALLY the kick-off of the 2009 season.

So enjoy it...the reality of Philadelphia Eagles' football continues to be a cruel tease. Oh so close, but oh so never winning it all!

So go ahead and listen to and believe the chatter and rumors. If you do, well the 2009 Eagles are going to be pretty damn incredible.

Starting at WR will be T.J. and Boldin. Manning the middle will be future HOFer TonyGonzalez. The Eagles will actually use a first round draft pick and select Chris Wells to compliment B-West in the backfield. And we can't forget about the Defense and the heat that Julious Peppers will be bringing on the opposing QB.

There will also be fresh ink on Donovan's new contract. With all the signings, of course Lurie and Banner and their penny-pinching ways are long gone. And everyone's favorite PA coach, Bill Cowher is patrolling the sidelines.

Chase Utley is again uttering the phrase World F-ing Champions. And most importantly for the first time ever in the Super Bowl Era the 2009-'10 Lombardi Trophy is taking up residence in the City of Brotherly Love.

The NFL Off-Season...where Philadelphia football dreams actually come true. If only the luck would carry over into reality!

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Anonymous said...

Eagle dont have sufficient cap room to keep TJ, Boldin and TonyG happy not to mention Peppers, who isn't interested to play for Eagles. Nor they will have anything left for McNabb. They will be none of those guys on the Eagle's roster. You can bet you money on that. Benie isn't worth first round pick. It is more like AR will go for Alphonso Smith with first 1st pick. Somebody has to challenge Sheldon and play solid coverage. If LeSean McCoy falls to 28th pick AR might look at him otherwise RB will be picked 3-5 rounds.