Monday, February 2, 2009

Give The Eagles Fans Want They Want

The Super Bowl is done. The 2008-'09 season is officially history. Time to think draft and free agency. It's also time to think back to the 1999 draft. It's where all the hating started...

The Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb with the 2nd overall pick. A mayor and a small group of idiots who made the trip to the draft booed the pick because the pick wasn't Ricky Williams. As we read this now we all know the Eagles made the wise easily closed...shut.

But those booing idiots doomed the Eagles' fan base. Each season we are bashed by the national media about how we don't appreciate the greatness of McNabb. The hating all started on draft day. But as they say, what would you expect from a fan base that booed Santa Claus?!? Go screw!

But even worse than the media bashing was that the 1999 draft laid the foundation for a whinny QB who to this day still feels the need to let everyone know about his poor treatment, being under appreciated, and the chip on his shoulder. Hey Donovan, we know you are great and the best QB option we got, so shut the f-up!

So as we enter free agency this off-season guess which RB is available for the taking? Yep, you guessed it...Ricky Williams (UFA)!

So to all those idiots who booed McNabb back in 1999 here's your man. I am thinking that those boos should now be directed at Ricky!

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