Friday, February 13, 2009

Give The Eagles Leonard Weaver

All season long Eagles' fans bitched and moaned about the stupidity of the Eagles for not having a true FB on the roster. It was another classic example of Reid thinking he could just plug anyone anywhere and his system would prevail.

Well like the PR in 2007, Reid was wrong. Too often last season the Eagles feel short in short yardage situations because there was no true FB paving the way for the running game.

So now that we have entered the off-season where are the cries to get a FB on the squad? As always we fans have become enamored with the WR position. Sure it would be sweet to have Boldin or T.J., but let's not forget that the Eagles just finished a season in which as a group the WRs caught more passes than ever before in the Reid era.

So let's get back to the FB. Why not sure up the position by signing Leonard Weaver, the UFA FB of the Seahawks. The reports have Weaver being one of the top young FBs in the league. The numbers back up the claim...

  • 6'0'', 242 pounds, 26 years old
  • Career average of 4.4 yards per carry
  • 39 receptions in 2007, 20 receptions in 2008

If the kid is so good why wouldn't the Seahawks resign him? Well they did draft Owen Schmitt last season to be the future at FB. So if the Eagles offer the right contract why get into a bidding war over a FB.

Yes I understand that the FB position with the Eagles is not a highly used position, but after last season it can not be overlooked. Weaver would be the answer. He is big, young, a stud blocker, can get the short yards, can catch the ball out of the backfield, and he is already familiar with the West Coast offense after playing for Coach Holmgren. Sounds perfect to me.

And wouldn't it be just like the Eagles to sign a FB when we all are clamoring for a WR.

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Anonymous said...

Eckel was coming along towards the end of the season. This guy could be the answer...Although I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles got a FB or two between free agency and teh draft at least for the competition. FB is kinda cheap, the top FB in free agency is probably only asking for just above the minimum salary.