Friday, February 20, 2009

Give Me A Healthy Shawn Andrews

Yea I was bummed yesterday with the news that Jordan Gross resigned with the Panthers. But you know what...who cares?

I am going to take the approach that I'd rather have Shawn Andrews than Jordon Gross.

And with Andrews missing all but 2 games last season one could (and I am going to) take the view that plugging Andrews back into the line-up next season is like signing a new player. Inserting Andrews can only improve an Eagles' team that was NFC Championship Game caliber without him.

Better yet, this new player is one of the top OL in the entire league. Sure there are a lot of ifs when it comes to Andrews (mental and physical) but as the 2008-09 season ended all signs pointed towards Andrews returning full force to start the 2009 season.

So my plan, resign Tra (which the Eagles appear to be doing), slide Andrews out to RT, and keep Cole as the starting RG. If you don't believe that Andrews can make the switch and be effective, well just ask Big Red...

"I've got two guards that are pretty good tackles," he said. "That's why I brought them here. I drafted them as tackles."

Andrews will have a bigger impact on the OL than Gross would have.

Now it's back to the land of fantasy and continue with my dreams of the Eagles packaging one of their 1st rounders to land Boldin.

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