Friday, February 27, 2009

Mentally and Physically - It's a Good Move

Hey, if you can't beat the Bengals you might as well sign their players.

The reports are that the Eagles are on the verge of signing Stacy Andrews. I am thinking this a good move that has the potential to be a great move.

Good becomes Great if:
  • Stacy is fully healthy for training camp and the season. This is a BIG IF as Andrews will be less than 9 months removed from blowing out two ligaments in his right knee.
  • Bringing in the brother has a positive mental effect on Shawn and gets Shawn back on the field and back to his All-Pro level of play.
  • Signing a Free Agent OT allows the Eagles to use their first round picks on skill positions. Moreno would look great in midnight green.

So if the IFs become reality this signing (in my opinion) has the potential to have a bigger impact that last season's FA signing of Asante Samuel.

The Eagles got themselves a player at a position of dire need. The player is a hulking 6-7, 342 pounds and is very good as a run and pass blocker. The player is only 27 years old and is coming off a season where he was labeled as the Bengal's franchise player. For a stud OT the rumored price tag of $7 million a year is a steal (a.k.a. cheap...the Banner way!)

Andrews and Andrews are going to make for a behemoth right side of the line. Time to run the ball Andy!

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