Monday, February 9, 2009

Setting The Bar Low

The Eagles need to draft a RB this off-season. You know it, the mock drafts are showing it, now we just have to hope the Eagles make it a reality. My pick would be Chris Wells, but in comparison to last year's draft day trade for Lorenzo Booker anybody would be an upgrade.

Despite having trouble getting on the field for a 1-15 Dolphins team, Booker was immediately hailed as the next B-West. Could everyone of been more wrong with this guy?!? The final numbers for Booker:
  • 20 carries for 53 rushing yards
  • 2.7 yards per carry average
  • Inactivated for 8 of the final 10 games
Honestly, you could take the snap, immediately fall forward every time and still have a more productive season than Booker.

With 2 first round picks the Eagles have a chance to correct last season's Booker mistake and find a back to compliment Westbrook and then eventually be the teams' #1 RB.

And in addition to watching Booker fail the Eagles also saw DeSean succeed in his rookie campaign. DeSean's success means that rookies CAN come in and make an immediate contribution as a play maker on offense. So now give us a RB to follow in DeSean's footsteps!

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